Are people still having problems with this new upgraded site? Especially re notifications of responses to their comments?

Early yesterday morning, I replied to Sparkler re her post “Warning, Know your Antibiotics”. I didn't ask a question so wasn’t particularly looking for a reply.

This morning I happened to go back to that thread again, and noticed that Sparkler had replied to me yesterday, with a question arising from my comments. However, I never received an email notification of that, nor did her reply appear in “Latest Activity”. So, if I hadn’t by chance gone back to the thread, I would never have seen it, and not been able to respond to her.

I suspect that this isn’t the only time this has happened. 11 days ago I wrote a reply to Kwenda (re ticks), but it never appeared on “Latest Activitiy”. I don’t know if Kwenda saw it or not, but I am now wondering if many other comments/questions are being missed by the people they are intended for. (Of course if they don't see them, they won't know they are missing them!).


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  • Hi Paula I am sorry to read you are still experiencing issues with the new site. I don't think you are alone. others have contacted us about erratic recent activity reports and notification issues. I have been contacted by a few members unable to access following email notifications . They are being requested to update browsers by the site?I have forwarded these and your post to HU today.

    Hu have improved things considerably and many early bugs have been ironed out. But there is some way to go, I am concerned that some are unable to access the group,

    Please members continue to add any issues that are still affecting you and report them to HU via "support" now "help" :-) . We will copy HU this thread.


  • Hi Paula,

    I'd love to see some general feedback on this rather critical feature, so thanks for raising it. From my observations, the new site seems to have some serious problems tracking additions and providing notifications by email and by displaying/updating the 'Latest activity' display (reached by clicking on the home icon at the extreme left of the purple CLLSA menu). Notifications and Latest activity does seem to be working slightly better today, but is still not reliable. If I refresh the Latest Activity screen, it takes about 20 seconds and more often than not I get nothing listed under 'Latest activity'.

    The Health Unlocked Team have included Messaging and Notifications in their priority list, so we should hopefully see some improvements soon. It makes you realise how critical these features are for the effective working of this site!

    What is everyone else finding?


  • Hi Hairbear

    as you know I am also getting a message about updating my browser. I am now on internet explorer 10 which works everywhere else on the internet but this site. I am using firefox at the moment but only because i am not on my work laptop where i normally view patient unlocked comments and replies. My problem has only started since the site was re-vamped. My machine runs windows 7 and is as near perfect as a pc can be in every other way. its a shame because i no longer contribute here and have started deleting e-mails about subjects i would like to read simply because i cannot get on the site to read them. I am drifting off to other CLL forums until this problem gets resolved. all the best and hope the problems are cured soon Dave

  • Hi there,

    Many apologies for those of you still experiencing issues.

    It would be extremely helpful for us to get to the bottom of the issues if you email your specific problem to Then we are able to find trends with the issues, reproduce them, and find the solution as soon as possible.



    Team HU

  • To anyone who has a similar problem as I have had, On internet explorer 10 you need to Go to Tools then compatibility view then turn OFF compatibility mode by un ticking the check boxes. This site is the only I have problems of this nature I basically got told that my browser was too old and even though I had upgraded to IE10 my system was still running as IE7. No more help, your on your own!! I could have just been told to turn off compatibility mode by this sites developers. We have enough problems going on medically without being put through hoops to get back on this site! I can now get on this site, will be reading but no longer feel I want to contribute here!

  • Hi Dave, I hope you don't give up on this site. I do understand your frustrations, but there are some lovely people on this site - who are very well informed and respond quickly and sympathetically to people's questions. I have found them extremely helpful - I'm learning a lot, and it makes me feel much less alone in this CLL thing.

    I agree that the problems with upgrading the website have been VERY annoying, but hopefully things will continue to improve, especially when we spell out exactly what our problems have been.


  • Paula Thanks for the reply, I agree, The people that come here make this site the great site it is, The site owners decide to change the whole site about without properly debugging it. This is a site for people with various serious illness's, its not a gossip, fashion, or used car forum, it very serious and the people coming here do so to share life or death information. The site owners have just simply shoe horned a new site online without ensuring it all works properly and then expect us all to find all the problems and de bug it for them! I spent a hour online last night trying to find out myself how to get back on this site. I eventually found out by going to the Microsoft website that turning off compatibility mode is very simple, but when I got my last message from this sites developers, they signed off by telling me "they don't support IE7" even though my browser is IE10. They could have just told me to turn off compatibility mode, they are the IT professionals not me! At the moment I am totally fed up with this site, I will calm down but I expected more from this site for cancer sufferers then to just be cut adrift and told to more or less sort it out myself!

  • Dave I am so very sorry for the frustrations you are feeling. It was never ever our intention to make anyone feel badly - we started a site like this for you all, and we only intended for it to improve your lives! I am glad to hear you have found your way back, and give all my apologies about the fact that this solution was actually simple. Clearly we were not aware that the solution was as simple as that. The report you gave me indicated your browser was IE7 disguised as IE10.

    Please accept my apologies on behalf of my entire team. We are working extremely hard and learning from our mistakes along the way.

    Any other issues please contact me, or feedback you can use the green tab.

    Many thanks.

  • Lora Thanks for your reply, you are correct and it was as simple as a compatibility turn off to resolve in IE. I was just very disappointed that I got the usual IT phrase when IT technician/specialist does not know the answer and/or has lost interest, "sorry we don't support that" Thanks for the apology, only words but it means a lot. Best wishes Dave

  • I 100% understand your feeling about that. I felt very bad about giving you the feeling your were being dismissed. I wish I had more IT knowledge myself so I could have known the answer.

    Thank you so very much for finding out and sharing the issue with us all, I'm sure it will help many others. I hope we can move on positively from here.

    All the best to you.

  • Hi Again Dave I am sorry this has all caused you distress.Thank you for being so resourceful and contacting us, We have been working together with HU to get you back on-line. Thank you for forwarding the Microsoft fix and for identifying your specific access problem.


  • Hi Dave glad you are back with us. Give it time the developers are working very hard and learning where the unforeseen are occurring and with the input of our community are working with us.

    We have all come a long way together since the CLLSA community came together here in November. Thank you all who support us from around the world & HU for making this possible.

    Some recent feedback from HU that may be helpful to others if they contact you and are unable to join us:


    HU have confirmed they:are fully supporting IE 8, 9, and 10. It is IE7 that the new system does not support. Every other one should be accessible.

    If anyone else is experiencing unsupported browser issues, it will help HU to get you fully functional again if you go to ( and make a print screen of what you see there and forward this to Lora or

    HU have confirmed that in terms of updating the browser, when someone gets to the page for needing to update it, they provide directions right there for what to do next.

    The problem is, they can't provide very precise step-by-step instructions because everyone is on a different type of operating system, or may want to choose from a different browser, etc so it makes things challenging.

    Again Dave I am sorry for your inconvenience but pleased a solution was found and you are with us again.


  • The only problem I have experienced is the one mentioned by Neil, refreshing the latest activity and getting an empty response.

    Otherwise, I've found the site OK. I use Firefox, don't know if that is significant.

  • From my background in project managing IT applications development in a much simpler world before smartphones and tablets, when the world was pretty well just different versions of Windows and Internet Explorer, I can appreciate the challenges faced by the HU Team. It was hard enough back then getting websites to work properly on different browsers and browser versions on different versions of Windows! I can equally appreciate the frustrations of those like Dave, who was perfectly able to access the old site but got nowhere fast when the new site was released. There are so many different combinations by which we can now access this website, it is quite a challenge for a small development team to be across them all. Full marks to Dave for finding the solution and telling us all about it - this is what we do well at this site after all, but as Dave says, many of us have got enough medical challenges without having to face IT challenges when the old site was working fine for us!

    I appreciate that some of our members are in a situation where they can't upgrade to a supported browser for a good reason. I'd recommend anyone else that is having problems that could be browser related to upgrade to the latest version of your favourite browser supported by your access device. This will have the added benefit of improving your on-line security. Don't forget to update associated applications and plugins like Java, Adobe Reader and Flash if you use them. Older versions of these programs are now prime avenues of attack by malware.

    If you don't feel you are getting adequate support from the HU Team, by all means reply to this question with your problems or send Nick or me a PM.


    PS I've been accessing this site mainly by using Firefox V22.0 on Linux (openSUSE12.4) and Windows 7

  • Very well said Neil, thank you for that.

    We are here to help you, so please let us know your headaches.

  • I do not see PaulaS's reply but have just searched for and read it........

    I find many links from web pages not working and often I get linked to other non CLL pages of Healthunlocked..


  • Dick, can you expand on this?

    We've reported the problem of links in posts not working. It's not consistent behaviour unfortunately. Occasionally a link is recognised as being a link when the post is processed by the site software, so clicking on it works, but mostly it doesn't.

    How do you get linked to other non CLL pages of Health Unlocked? Can you explain the context?

    I'm aware of this happening when you do a search (some links are to content from other communities). If you add CLL (or SLL) in front of your search words, then you get the 'hits' from this community ahead of those for other HU communities. (That changed for me earlier this week when the HU team included their tags database in the search routine, but has reverted for now. I suspect we'll see search behaviour change further as HU work on tags and searches.)


  • I read PaulaS on the daily digest and could not remember her reply.

    Thus I entered the website and wrote ‘Ticks’ in the search box.

    This brought up several replies, many of which were not from the CLLSLL community.

    Additionally clicking on one of the replies did not bring up that specific reply but just brought up another list and I had to choose again. Plus the ‘backbutton’ did not take me back to the previous page.

    Not very ‘customer friendly’ I would say..


  • Hi Dick I just entered ticks prefixed with CLL/SLL this is the returned search result I received:!/#searc...

    First on the list is your last ticks post, Third is your ticks post with Paula's response. All on the first page are from our community .

    However using the backbutton did not take me back from my selected post off the returns list :-(

    As Neil suggests at the moment prefixing a search with CLL SLL or CLL/SLL prioritizes our data in the returns. Maybe a little more customer friendly :-) ?,



    Apart from an ovacome entry that seems to have slipped in because the reference cll for call has been picked up and added to tick. Something we all may experience with any search engine when using CLL

  • Yes, I know it sometimes takes time to adjust to new systems but right now its no working for me.

  • When posting Auto Tagging is OK, but I would still like a 'tag' edit field so I can fine tune search tags,as previously....

    Further, when posting, selecting an image from the iPad 'Camera Roll' does nothing to the 'yourphoto.jpg' field, however when the post is previewed, the selected image loads... There needs to be a thumbnail next to the 'choose file' button... or the file name in the field...some indication of which photo is selected...

    I often respond to posts from others, it would be very helpful to have the ability to upload images in responses...often complex concepts can be better explained through graphs, images, etc... a picture is worth 1000 words , after all.

    The green top menubar on the iPad and iPhone still 'floats' around, and it covers edit fields, and buttons etc. The recent 'Feedback' button is also a drifts up

    on the screen...


  • Thanks for your observations Chris have you accessed the green feedback icon Are you able to add suggestions and browse through responses and HU plans for these following their idntification?

    I have posted your comment: "I would still like a 'tag' edit field so I can fine tune search tags,as previously".In Neil's tags suggestion..As I agreed I added my votes and changed I to we.

    It may be an idea to enter your other suggestions/requests there too.

    Neil has recently entered a suggestion we can edit tags: . The facility allows people to post their observations on a wall and others vote on the need. Let us know if it is open too all.


  • My original question (at the top of this page), was prompted by my not getting notifications of responses to my postings. Well over the last day or so, I have had about 20 emails - all notifying me that "so and so" has replied to me! So I can't complain about not getting notifications of responses this time.

    Lots of these "replies" are not to me personally of course, they are people responding to each other and the whole question of site problems. But it's good to see that different things are coming to light, and being talked through. Hopefully some good will come from it.

  • Anyone - am I being unobservant? Have responses to individuals, within a larger thread, never showed up in Latest Activity, unless it is the last response on that thread?

    sparkler x

  • Hi sparkler,

    Thanks for raising this question (maybe a good one for HU to answer at

    "Latest activity reports may still be a little erratic at the moment.?

    I am not sure what should happen but have noticed that often replies to an individual within a thread do not show up in the recent activity but the person replied to may get a notification. So for example your earlier reply to prudie in another thread that did not shown should have activated an email notification to her I think?

    let's see what happens to my reply to you :-)

    Great to see you about on-line and best wishes with your recovery


    PS it did come straight up in latest activity - I'm afraid I'm baffled

  • I can see how complicated "recent activity" can be, as more people join the site and activity increases. If every response anyone gives to anyone else is put in "recent activity", it could get very bogged down by different ongoing threads, that may go off on tangents and are not necessarily of interest to everyone.

    I suppose the most important thing is that all new postings and questions go into "recent activity", and people get email notifications of new things in threads they have contributed to. On the other hand, it can be interesting to see how threads are developing, that we have not actually contributed to... O well, we'll have to see how HU work things out....

  • Are other people receiving notifications twice? This has just started happening with me.


  • Yes Newdawn, I'm receiving them twice too.

    Also, I left feedback for HU and amongst my 'votes' and comments I mentioned the Feedback button being in the way. This morning I noticed that the button had moved to the right side of the page and then I received an email from the team, to say that the feedback button problem had been sorted. I was going to post to say that the Feedback place was a good place to visit, for updates and progress and a place to leave suggestions etc. Now the button seems to have gone how do I get to that part of the site now?

    What appears in Latest Activity seems to be random; some individual replies show but others don't!

    I still get blank pages too often and sometimes I simply can't access anything.

    I just needed that little moan. Lol

    sparkler x

  • Hi Sparkler and Newdawn, It seems that various site problems are continuing... Unlike you two, I haven't had any notifications twice (as yet). But my feedback button moved to the right side of the page then completely disappeared (like yours, Sparkler)... just when I decided I would start using it.

    Yes, Latest Activity is still unpredictable, as are notifications. Newdawn, I didn't get an email notification of your kind response to my "trying to cheer you up" posting. and it didn't show up in Latest Activity either. In fact, I would never have known you'd written it, if I hadn't gone back to that thread on my own accord. (I went back because I was considering editing my post - thinking maybe I'd sounded rather glib and superficial in response to a serious matter).

    So, we keep trying....keep having our little moans. Well I wouldn't call them moans - we're just wanting people to be aware of what's happening, so they can sort out this stuff. I hope this thread is actually still getting to the HU people, even if we can't contact them via the Feedback button.

    Have a good evening,

    Paula xx

  • Hi Paula.

    We can still email HU about problems with the site, to

    Eventually, I managed to find my way back to the dedicated Feedback place by clicking on something in the email alert they sent me about the feedback button!

    At least we can discover if others are having the same problems, by voicing them here.

    Things are getting sorted, which is positive. A little way to go yet though.....

    sparkler x

  • More Feedback... since the button has gone... ??

    Reduce the size of the text used in post titles... Way too much real estate.

    Center images in posts...

    Provide a 'read counter' for all posts and questions...

    Auto date posts with real date and time... not 'two hours ago'...

    Reply and Recommend buttons can be smaller

    Full editing of posts... bolding, italics etc... html tags?

    Image loads are hanging the 'Preview' capabily when posting

    Add a 'Cancel Post' button next to 'Preview''

    iPad4 iOS6.1.3

  • Received mail today all in computer speak. :-{

  • I stopped getting any notifications until today (Aug. 20) when I received notification of a message. I'm surprised to see all of the activity I missed. Hopefully, today will be the beginning of better things. I use a new MacBook Pro laptop. Maybe one of the computer pros can think of a reason specific to Apple computers

  • Yes, the problem with notifications hasn't gone away. Ever since the site revamp, I've been missing people's responses to my postings, and they've been missing mine. Some emails have come through about new postings, but not all - it seems very random. However, today I've had lots of emails from HU - both responses to my postings and new stuff, so it's possible they've suddenly got it sorted out...

    We wait and see... and hope...

  • Lora from the Health Unlocked Team responded to my query about this problem as follows:

    "We've been dealing with issues involving our email notifications being completely random. We are completely aware of it and putting all our effort into identifying the problem, we just haven't been able to pinpoint it yet. We believe it could be due to our email notifications web services but have not gotten much further than that. If we cannot figure it out soon we will need to look into other web service options for sending our email notifications.

    I'm very sorry I cannot provide more information than that but will endeavour to let you know as soon as I have any update.

    Many thanks,


    So unfortunately PaulaS, you are quite right - the problem hasn't gone away...


  • Looks like our blank pages/slow to load pages problem may be over! I've just received this update from Amedeo d'Amore of the HealthUnlocked Team:

    "Thank you for getting in touch with us. I’m sorry for the technical issues you and the members of your community are experiencing.

    We are aware of that some of our users are not receiving email notifications and are working on resolving this as soon as possible. Our engineers have been notified and are getting to the bottom of this.

    Regarding the blank pages or slow to load pages, we had some issues with the website recently causing it to dramatically slow down and thus appear as if it wasn’t working for many users. We have since fixed this so this shouldn’t be happening anymore.

    Again, I’m really sorry for all this inconvenience. Our engineers are working as fast as they can to resolve these issues asap."


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