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How to find previously posted answers to your questions

How to find previously posted answers to your questions

With around 2,000 of our community membership of nearly 6,000 actively participating each month, there's a very high likelihood that several members have already provided helpful responses to any questions you might have. While we love hearing from new members, I'm sure our volunteers would prefer to read a reply to a previous post saying how helpful it was, rather than once more providing answers to regularly asked questions :) .

There are many ways you can find previous relevant posts:

- Site and Community searches

- Pinned Posts

- Topics

- Searching a given member's posts/replies

- Web search using Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc

A search in Newsfeed by typing key words into the "Search HealthUnlocked" field top right of the page will return relevant posts from ALL communities that mention of your search terms. To search in one community, first enter that community by selecting it from the 'My Communities' menu item.

We've pinned posts covering topics of most interest in the Pinned Posts section, which you'll find to the right of any post you open.

You can search a specific topic by opening the topic of interest to you, shown under Pinned Posts.

If you remember who posted/replied about something, you may be able to find what you are looking for by going to the member's profile. If they are a regular poster, you can just find a previous post/reply by that member and click on their username. If you remember the member's username, you can just enter the member's profile into your browser's address, e.g. https:// healthunlocked . com/user/(username) . To find a given member, select the community they belong to from the 'My Communities' menu item and select the Followers tab. For this community, it's:

Click on 'View all members' towards the bottom of the page, then enter enough characters from their username in the 'Find a member' field. Click on the relevant member's name or avatar image and then click on the 'Posts' and 'Replies' tabs to find the item you are after.

Sadly, the HealthUnlocked site search isn't that good, so you may have a better chance of finding previously posted content using a search engine. If you use Google, you can limit your Google search to our community by including cllsupport in your search terms. Note that any hidden posts will be harder to find via a search engine, because the poster's name is changed to 'Hidden' and all that can be searched for is words from the title and the first sentence or so.

While the top 30 pinned posts are visible to the right of a viewed post on a computer and below on a smartphone or tablet, all the pinned posts can be seen in this view:

as described here:

Don't forget to make your posts easier for others with the same questions to find by using a meaningful title and providing helpful background early in your post. More posting tips can be found here:


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