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Once again I am not receiving posts from HU. The problem seems to involve more than this group, as I am also a member of another group and have not received posts from them for the last couple of days either. The site is VERY slow to load (both communities), and if I get to the site I will see recent posts one time, but when I go back to look at the next post the ones that show are over two days old. Very frustrating!


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  • I'm also having problems logging onto this site Pat and it's been painfully slow this morning with me often just receiving the blank page over and over. Don't know if it's just a temporary glitch.

    I do appear to be receiving updates though.


  • My problems not as bad as those above. It was very slow a day or two ago, but now is just slow to load.

    Bub. Oops am receiving posts though.

  • Thanks for the problem reports Pat, Newdawn and Bub.

    I'm seeing the same problems here, including blank pages that come good (eventually) with a page refresh so I've asked HU Support to investigate and referenced this post so they can see your feedback (along with anyone else that wants to chime in!).

    HU have previously advised that they know about the unreliable notifications of site activity (via both email and the 'Latest activity' page). Unfortunately they don't know the cause of this and are still trying different ways to fix this extremely frustrating problem for all of us.

    Thanks for your long suffering patience!


    PS I've received a reply from HU Support: "I sent the information across to our engineers who are looking into the issue right now. Apologies for all this inconvenience." That's good because it just took me over 25 seconds for a page update and I've tried unsuccessfully about 6 times to get anything other than a blank page when clicking on 'Home', with the blank page appearing in anywhere between 4 and 16 seconds. Submits take a long time too, so I hope this edit works!

  • Page load times are now good for me, so has this particular problem been fixed?

    I wish I could also report that the posts and site activity updates were fixed too!

  • I noticed today that after a search, the links listed to individual threads are grey...non functional...

  • I've just done a search and think I can see what you mean. For each of the search matches, under the title and brief outline of the article, there's a greyed concatenated hyperlink to the relevant article. If you click on the title, that takes you to the article. You would also expect to be able to get to the article by clicking on the greyed out hyperlink - it's how other sites function. I don't know if this is changed behaviour or not. but have reported it. There's no sense in providing the greyed out hyperlink if it isn't going to work. It's just wasted space and you can see the hyperlink by hovering your mouse cursor over the title anyway.


  • I tried clicking the title but today it dumped me back in Latest Activity everytime... tried it a number of times with the same results... maybe an iPad thing... The link would be could be cut and pasted into the browser, which would work...but the links on HU are visually truncated... looks nice but useless...

  • Thanks for the update. I've reported it. Obviously something has been changed. Regarding the visually truncated links, I can see the value in doing this for very long links, but I reckon it should be done for links much longer than is the case, if at all. There are security benefits in being able to see the full link.

  • Most of the notifications I receive, arrive about 8 hours after the post, if at all.

  • search links work now...tried 3 searches and all founds listed bring up the appropriate pages... may have been an Amazon cloud thing.. I don't know...

  • I not sure whether I am getting posts but people like me (not cumputer experts) cannot post any more. I have no idea whats gone wrong but it's not working as it should. Best wishes

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