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Sore groin after first 10k?!

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Hi all, I only graduated from couch to 5k around 4 weeks ago. 10 days ago I did my first 10k, maybe a bit sooner than ideal but it was for a charity close to my heart and the determination got me through. I felt surprisingly ok throughout the run and truly experienced runners high for the first time afterwards! I felt fantastic. However later that night my groin was really sore, I've never experienced this before but put it down to the longer run I wasn't used to. After a day or two it was fine.

I was only able to go on my first run since the 10k today (10 days later) because of a manic schedule recently. I intended a 30min run,I felt fine at first but after 3.5k my groin started niggling. I slowed to a walk then tried to run again but it actually felt worse, both sides of my groin plus my knees started to feel really sore. So I walked the rest for fear of injuring myself. Anyone any tips on how to overcome this, have I possibly injured myself? 😦

12 Replies
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When you say groin do you mean front of pelvis on both sides or actually deeper in the groin area.

I wouldn't be surprised if its your hip adducters at the front. The jump to 10 having upset (strained) them a bit. I've had a bit of that in the past myself from precisely that, bit too much too soon.

Rest and gentle stretching for about a week should do it then do a gentle test run of about 10 to 15 mins and see how it feels. Ease back to 30 over a couple more runs if it feels OK.

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to GoGo_JoJo

Yea that's probably what I mean, the inner pelvis on both sides ha wasn't quite sure how to explain it. I don't think it helped I forgot to do any stretches after the 10k! 🙈 it was an organised event and just caught up in all the mayhem after then trying to get home and rushing straight out for a Father's Day meal which also involved quite a bit more walking.

Will take it easy from here and concentrate on some stretches, thank you for the advice. 😊

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This sounds very much like the adductor muscle problems I had through early May.

This can be caused by you compensating for something else being tight, eg. hamstrings and/or glutes. In my case it was due to lots of desk work making those muscle groups tight.

I had to have a physio visit to be educated about it. (I was thinking hernia as a worst scenario!)

An exercise the physio gave me was a type of squat. Stand with feet wide apart and the toes pointing diagonally outwards. Grip both hands together and do a slow, controlled drop into a squatting position and then slowly up out of it. Do that ten times. Do three reps of that.

You might want to do hamstring stretches and glute activation exercises, and do some foam roller work on any muscles that feel tight.

Interestingly, the physio said I didn't need to stop running. If it's not feeling sore the next time you want to run, do a short, easy gentle run and see how you feel during and after. If you feel the soreness coming back, stop the run immediately.

Now, my experience might not be the same as yours. If in any doubt, consult a professional.

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to nowster

Thanks so much for the tips. I'm going take it very slow from now and look into the appropriate stretches. Fingers crossed I'm back to running properly soon 🤞🏽

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Yikes, rest properly and restart on slow short runs. Sounds like you’ve learnt lessons from this run. 10k will still be there for you but slowly work your way back so you don’t cause longer term problems. Happy running 🤗

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to Grannyhugs

Thank you. Definitely won't be doing it again anytime soon! 🙈 slow & steady from now.

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It sounds like a case of too much too soon I'm afraid dawnchorus. Consolidation at 30 minutes for 3 weeks is the recommendation, and then to increase weekly distance by only 10% a week. You aren’t the first to get carried away after graduation, and I’m sure you won’t be the last. Rest up , and happy running.

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to Dexy5

Yep I think so too 😑 I would never have gone for 10k so soon if it wasn't for the charity which was a cause needing urgent action. Also I was going at a faster pace than usual, got carried away by the other runners I think. I won't be a running 10k again anytime soon that's for sure! Going to take it very slow from here on in. Thank you.

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I missed that you'd only graduated a month ago! Definitely much too much too soon.

Getting from 5km to 10km safely takes about 8-9 weeks after a period of consolidation.

A fresh graduate from C25K has only done a little over 8 hours of running in total, with most of that coming in the last few weeks.

Similarly, going from 10km to a Half Marathon (another doubling) takes a minimum of 8 weeks, and HM to full Marathon (doubling again) takes another 8 weeks absolute minimum, but generally much longer.

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to nowster

Yup I've definitely learnt my lesson! Well maybe just maybe there's a local half marathon September 2022 I may put my name down for, that should be plenty of time to gradually build myself up hopefully 😅

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nowsterGraduate10 in reply to dawnchorus1718

Many of us are guilty of this. I overdid it on my graduation run. I wanted that 5km and ignored an ankle injury that came in the last couple of minutes. That took four weeks and two physio visits to recover from, and I had to restart from something even gentler than the first week of C25K.

Rest up for a few days. Then do some gentle exercises.

The squats I described are good for the groin area.

If you have resistance bands, use the lightest one and do "crab steps" (sideways walking) with one round your ankles.

If any of the exercises hurt, stop immediately and try again a few days later.

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dawnchorus1718 in reply to nowster

Thank you, I will borrow my hubby's bands and give this a go! I'll be extra attentive and careful from now on, last thing I want to do is prevent myself from running when I feel I've come so far.

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