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Hi. This is my first time posting here. I finished C25K in August and I wasn't really improving but I was enjoying it more. I started running in the woods which was lovely but challenging.. I felt like I wasn't increasing my distance. I signed up for the the cancer research UK winter run in London for the end of January and decided I better start getting more distance in. After a 7k road running last Saturday I felt so great after I was disappointed I had stopped. So yesterday I pushed myself to road run 10k I did it in 1hr 9minutes so not a great time. It was all flat. I'm sore all over today and I feel I over did it. Would you recommend going back and gradually uping the distance again say 7.5k next weekend for the one long weekend run or would you say I should push beyond 10k to build up stamina for that distance? Thank you

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  • From 7 to 10 is a big jump, and most here wouldn't recommend it. Personally I'd increase in no more than 1K bits, it'll only take a couple of weeks, OK, 3, but you'll avoid injury and over tiredness. BTW your time is pretty good x

  • Don't push too hard. Go steady. Develop slowly to avoid injury, while working on your core strength. It's so easy to overdo things

    Work up to 10k gradually. As well as working on achieving longer distances you can do fast intervals as well. 30 seconds dashes between lamp posts for example. Have you done the stepping stones podcasts yet?

  • Hi. Yes I do the stepping stone podcasts 1 or 2 times during the week and then on the weekend I try for one longer run. I stated doing distance originally and then went with time. I find I get less motivated that way.

  • The recommended weekly increase, which you add to one long run per week, is 10% of your previous weeks mileage. As a guide, this should prevent you from overdoing it. Don't let circumstances pressure you into pushing too hard. If you set a challenge to yourself then build up to it sensibly.....otherwise you will get injured.

    Your time for 10k is your time for 10k and there is no point saying it is not a great time. Congratulate yourself on your achievement and with some more work you will probably beat it. So be proud, C25k made you into a runner.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • I've entered the London Winter 10km too and I would be absolutely delighted to do it in the time you've clocked. I got to 10km by increasing my long run by 1km a week and I managed that OK without getting injured. During the week I try and do 2 shorter runs of about 5 to 7km.

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