First 10k by myself

My non running friends while always polite and supportive are I suspect getting a bit fed up of me going on about running but I'm feeling very pleased with myself and have to share πŸ˜€ Although I did a 'hilly' 10k event last month I hadn't felt I'd really achieved the distance as had to walk the steeper sections. I've also been struggling a bit with lower leg pains after pushing myself a bit hard at a parkrun 2 weeks ago, but after a good 4 days off and lots of 'love' from my foam roller I set out on a long run this morning to see if I could get further than 8k from previous long runs...and I did a full 10k which is the longest training run I've managed so far! It was an easyish route along the road and cycle path but a lovely morning. I managed to keep up a decent pace and felt fairly strong until the end which I'm almost more chuffed about than consolidating the distance and feels like the intervals and stamina runs are paying off phew! Now feeling on track for a local 10k event next weekend although this one has a big hill too half way....eek! Thanks to Sami Murphy for the music πŸ‘πŸ˜

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  • It's so amazing to run constantly all that way. I'm with you it's a different feeling to needing to walk bits although I'm not surprised with all those hills, and it's certainly no less valid to walk-run a 10k event like that. It's good to know those hills are waiting to be mastered still - something to aim for! Good luck for your event next wknd :)

  • Thankyou! Apparently there is usually good baking at the end of the event as it's a local fundraising event so the thought of cake should get me round

  • I spend a lot of my runs thinking about what I'm going to eat afterwards. I hope there's a good spread :)

  • Great stuff. Sami will get you where you want to be πŸ˜ƒ She always goes with me on longer runs

    Don't worry about having to take walking breaks! It's fine and can mean the difference between completing the run/race and not! Stop as you need to πŸ™‚

    Have fun πŸ˜ƒ

  • Thankyou! I don't have enough memory on my phone to download my own running tunes but Sami seems to have good taste

  • Congratulations and well done! 10K is just a great distance and now you can run it any time just because you can πŸ™‚

    Good luck for next weekend.

  • Thankyou!

  • Woohoo! Well done - I know what you mean about having to take walking breaks, although it really doesn't matter. There is no problem with taking a breather. However, running continuously for your first 10k is a great feeling :) Good luck for next weekend - just slow down for the hill. Let us know how it goes.

  • Sami tracks are great! Well, all but two, for me. One of the madonna ones and the Howard Jones πŸ˜ƒ

  • I like the one with the 'jungle drums' nearer the end of week 4 but I'm not sure what the track is actually called

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