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My first 10k consolidation run today! Still winning!

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I did my first 10k consolidation run this morning having graduated from Juju plan the other week. I knocked 4 minutes off my previous time too, today’s time was 01:20:11.

I had a much needed week off before today’s run and I came back feeling fresh and raring to go. It was cold out this morning but I soon warmed up and forgot all about it.

Happy running everyone!

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Fab, well done JaoJao...hope you enjoyed your weeks rest too👍

It is suddenly a bit nippy but we soon warm up, and a bit dark...will have to use my new body torch tonight!

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Run46

Thank you Run46. You are brave running in the dark, I’m scared of the dark, I know how silly that sounds too!

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Run46Graduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Not really lol, I am a bit too...I thought I'd be ok-ish with the torch on but still jumped when the map my run lady told me I'd hit 2K! Think I thought briefly someone had snuck up on me 😳

I'd rather not do it but would be dark if I went before work and at least if I try to get out before 6pm there's still plenty of traffic about and people dog walking.

I'm hoping I'll get used to it as it's either that or only running at the weekend!

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Wow well done, the colder air got you going faster maybe

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to WillowandSola

Ohh yes maybe that was it! Thank you Willow.

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WillowandSolaGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

I doubt it really, you are probably just getting stronger so can go faster

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Great run! Nothing flukey about that first one then 😍

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to linda9389

No fluke indeed! Phew! 😉 I think 10k will fast become my favourite distance based on all the races I’m looking at for next year!

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Hi JaoJao, that was a great run for you today, excellent knocking 4 minutes off your first 10K, which reminds me that I have not ran a 10K since Wednesday 25th September, I was thinking that I will run my 4th 10K a week tomorrow. 😊 🏃🏾

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to AlMorr

Thank you AlMorr. I’m planning to do 4 weeks of juju consolidation before I go on holiday so I’ll be knocking out another 3 x 10K runs. It feels like a great personal achievement. I wish you luck with your 10K next week, smash it up! Xx

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Congratulations on the new PB... nice chunk of time to knock off.

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to UnfitNoMore

Thank you, who doesn’t love the PBs in the earlier weeks! Winning!

Lizzisforliving profile image

Good running, JaoJao. I didn’t consider consolidating so I’m starting out on Ju-Ju’s magic plan for a second time. It was weird to do 5.5km last week.

Keep it up! X

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Lizzisforliving

Hey Lizzie, lucky you getting to savour juju magic for a second time. It’s a really great plan isn’t it. Roseabi posted a thread last week on how we can move forward once we graduate from Juju 10K and it suggests consolidation of 3-4 weeks. Which makes complete sense as that certainly helped me after c25k. My experience has led me to believe that consolidation makes all the different between maintaining your 5K or 10K achievement or going back to the couch.

I look forward to your updates x

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LizzisforlivingGraduate10 in reply to JaoJao

Thank you. I can’t decide whether to do 5k or 6k today (week 2). It’s beautiful here so probably 6k ...

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Lizzisforliving

In the earlier weeks my short runs were actually longer because I was so used to 5K runs by this time! Whatever floats your boat, weather is not always guaranteed so make the most of it. Enjoy the run and best of luck with the rest of the plan.

Katnap profile image

Excellent progress! 👍😃👍

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Katnap

Thank you lovely x

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great result, well done. I graduated a few weeks ago and ran my first 10k race last Sunday, such a good feeling isn't it. I too am enjoying a few days 'off' now just to let my legs recover a bit.

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to kpnuts53

Thank you so much. Well done on your graduation too! And you’ve already got a race under your belt, amazing! I wish I had considered races sooner for 5K and 10K but it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago something came over me and I started searching for races near me!!! I never thought I would do that in a million years.

I am doing a Boxing Day 5K race and then a New Year 10K race. And who knows what else 😊

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Good run JaoJao. That is a serious improvement which suggests you have even better times to come. Harder to get out there on cold days, but all is well once you start to run.

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JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Beachcomber66

Thank you Beachcomber, absolutely right about the cold days but it's just another challenge in the running journey. I can't stop now either, I've booked some races over the festive period! Hehe!

Kevtrev profile image

Well done JaoJao that’s brilliant and knocking 4mins of I knew you had it in you never doubt yourself says me 😂

And I’m glad you enjoyed your week off it would of done you the world of good. And yes the morning’s and night time are both getting colder I’m adding more layers on needs must tonight I will have my running socks on running tights thermal a thermal long sleeve and another thicker one and shorts hat and gloves we need to wrap up I’ve bought a new running jacket for when it gets frosty and snow it’s super warm in red should of been £50 got it for £25 but it was the only one that didn’t have a pull or ink on it it’s a large but a smaller large as I normally go for medium and it’s really nice happy running JaoJao and be safe 😉👍Xx

JaoJao profile image
JaoJaoGraduate10 in reply to Kevtrev

Thank you Kev, I’ll keep up the good work I promise 😊

Gosh I feel warm and cosy reading through your running gear list! So when you started running this evening did you want to strip off when you warmed up?

I really really dislike the cold, I’m tiny and feel it more than most people, I’m not well insulated let’s say. Last couple outings I struggled for a little while, but when I’m warmed up I’m

OK, it takes a while to get there though. I suppose we’ll learn as we go through the winter season!

I’ve planned races for Dec, Jan, Feb... I wonder if that was a good idea now 😉😉😉

Kevtrev profile image

You are very welcome JaoJao you have really got this your a star 🌟 and I know you will keep at it as you are a runner now it’s in your veins now it’s part of you 😉👏👏👏👏👍🤗🏁🥇🏆🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

No I didn’t I was just right as it’s been getting colder but I got no choice haha 😆

In that case JaoJao you definitely need more layers as you don’t like the cold and it’s getting bitter cold now and it’s November tomorrow so it’s going to get colder and yes we will get used to what to wear and how many layers it’s all part of it.

That’s fantastic JaoJao which ones are you doing you will love it especially the atmosphere enjoy them 😉Xx

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