My first 10k run

My first 10k run

Hi everyone,

So since graduating C25K on the 18th March I've been doing 3 x 5k a week (or trying to to do 3). One week I only managed to get out once, and another week I only managed 2 runs.

Overall I'm happy enough but I'd started to get a bit bored of the same format every run.

So I came up with a plan. 

Tuesday's, extend the 5k by half a k or a full k each week with the aim of getting up to 10k.

Thursday's, a 30 minute speed run or one of the 5k+ podcasts

Saturday, Parkrun.

So with the plan in mind I set off yesterday in the glorious sunshine with the aim of increasing the distance. I slowed my pace right down and off I went. 

It was a revelation, with a lot slower pace I found I was a lot more comfortable in the run, 6k came, then 7k and I felt brilliant. By this time I was running out of route so I was formulating a cunning plan of where to run when I thought I may as well try to get to 10k....................and I did 😀

I still can't quite believe it and I didn't post yesterday because I was half convinced I would be crippled this morning, but I'm not 😀

So I'm over the moon, I think it was my most enjoyable run to date. I slowed my pace by a shade over a minute and a quarter per k, but I doubled my distance. I'm sure it's a slow time for a 10k but hey, it's a start. I'm also stunned I've gone from running 32/34 minutes non stop to 1 hour 17 minutes.

So I need a new plan for Tuesday's now 😀 I'm thinking do a couple of 10k's then gradually increase the distance to half marathon.

Happy running 


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  • Well done Bob and that's a pretty good time too. I don't know what age you are and what exercise you did before the programme but just be careful you don't do too much too soon. This forum is filled with tales from graduates who increased their distance too quickly and paid the price. Keep to the 10% rule and even then it's good to take a week's break and reduce your total mileage. 

    Ok nag over. I just care 😌

  • Thanks IP

    Ok, my history is 51 years old, used to have a very active job (think bin man pushing wheelie bins behind a lorry for up to 15 miles a day). I tend to drive the lorry now but load bins when I get the chance (probably adds up to 2 full days a week)

    My legs are pretty strong from years of binning in steel toe capped boots, and doing the bins certainly gives you stamina.

    Last August in a bid to lose weight (from packing up smoking nearly 4 years ago) and get fitter I changed my diet and started indoor rowing for 6/7 days a week 45 minutes at a time.

    So fairly fit, I'm still doing three sessions a week on the rower, 2 longs walks at the weekend with the dog.


  • It would the high impact nature of running that would most likely be the issue, especially road running, although obviously overall fitness will help a lot. 

    But we all like to pull the occasional stunt!

    BTW You don't have the graduate badge you've earned! 

  • Indeed 😀

    I didn't realise there was a graduate badge for 10k?

  • Oh, duh, you are right, got my forums in a twist. But we should have one - not graduate because we arrive at 10k via so many different routes rather than The One True Way that is the NHS C25K programme, ha ha. But something.

  • You sound really fit Bob! Lots of fab achievements there. I look forward to reading about all your races. 

  • Yes!  Well done.  The fact that a ten is easier than a 5k is a revelation.  You have more time to warm up, more time to hit your stride and more time to get into a regular run rhthym before the cool down.  It's good in it ! 😊

    Mix things up a bit,  do the stepping stones til you can do them well and you'll be well on your way to thinking about half's.   

    You have to take care of yourself at this crucial stage though.  You have to ensure your core is strong enough to support this extra mileage so don't neglect the strength work.

  • Thanks for the advice Miss 

    I think the rowing has been good for my core, and the occasional Pilates session help.

  • Dog walking is great!  I borrow a dog and we put some serious miles in 😊  

  • Our Border terrier is still learning to run with us.

    I think I tired her out with the 10k.

  • Brilliant!  Great achievement :)  Go steadily towards your HM goal, but happy running indeed :)

  • Thanks Annie 

  • That's fantastic! Congrats! My first 10k sort of crept up on me too, it's a great feeling :-)

  • Thanks Laura, it is indeed a great feeling 😀

  • Bob, you can now have a Graduate Badge for 10k .

    I think youve definitely earned it :-) xxx

  • Haha I saw that when I responded to the above comment.

    I was a bit confused until I saw the pinned post 😀

  • You gotta love a bit of bling ! :-) xxx

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