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Off the IC and back out running


Just goes to show what a minor muscle pull/strain can do. I did my Iliacus muscle and it took 4 weeks to recover Never had a muscle strain before, I don't usually run fast enough! The recovery time surprised me. Anyway I'm fully recovered and enjoying the aches and mudcle soreness after doing a slow run/walk parkrun on Saturday. Time to build it up again and get back to 10k target. I tried Ju Ju's magic plan but only got in to 2nd week so perhaps I'll stretch it out over a longer period to try to avoid injury. Nice to be back though

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Good luck stevie, take it easy obviously, but I'm sure you'll come back from this stronger 💪

Thanks uncle_wiggy


Great to hear you're off the IC and feeling recovered Stevie! I for one (I'm sure we all are) am happy to her you're getting back into the swing of things :) I hope you avoid further muscle injuries in your quest to the 10k target. Maybe spend a bit longer warming up and down before/after runs and concentrate on time over distance? I know I am.

I know what you mean about enjoying that achy feeling, it's one of the best aspects of running for me. I've noticed already that the better I stretch, the less of that feeling I get, but it just pushes me to work a bit harder.

I'll follow this post, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. I'm only in week 1 of a 10k plan that takes 10 weeks so I've a ways to go yet!

steviej99 in reply to Mike_Bravo

Thanks Mik3_B. I've just signed up for a few weeks with a personal trainer so hopefully get good advice on stretching

There is so much conflicting advice online. I see you're already a 10k graduate so your well ahead of me. What is the 10 week plan you're doing may I ask?

Mike_BravoGraduate10 in reply to steviej99

No trouble Stevie, I hope the PT helps :)

After doing two 5k runs to get back into the swing of things (I haven't run further than a few metres for years), I did 10km in 1:00:13 last Friday, check out my recent 'how are my legs ok' post for more info. I had no intention of running 10km after only doing two 5ks that week but did it, and since I did, I was given a badge.

I'm using the 5k to 10k app from Active. I think that it's the most used one, I'm sure at least that their other app is the most popular C25k app at the moment. Although it's 10 weeks long instead of Juju's 8 or the 6 week one, I've picked it over other plans because A) it has some interval running in - i.e. tempo (running at a faster but controlled pace for a short distance) and fast (running as fast as possible for one or two minutes) to get you stronger and B) I'm in no particular hurry to do a 10k event or anything like that (notwithstanding the wolf run I'm now considering). I do use another app to give me my pace because it doesn't say any more to you than when to start the different transitions, but it's not a problem at the moment.


Welcome back. Just started the recovery build up too. I am in new territory (Devon coast) so only a pre run survey so far...very hilly!! Just take it steady...I started with a 2.5k ...maybe a three this sense in overdoing it at this stage..that goes for both of us!👍

Thanks Beachcomber 66. Hilly but great views I bet?! Yep slow and steady for me - just need to heed my own advice


Good to hear you’re back out there Stevie. Slow runs in the sunshine will be just what the doctor ordered! 👍😀

Thanks cheeky, yeah it's great to be back out again


Welcome back. Here's to an injury free work up to 10km!


Good to hear you're back Stevie! 😁

steviej99 in reply to Katnap

Thanks Katnap. One 5k and one 4k under my belt without mishap. It's good to be running again 😊

Hi Stevie, I'm taking JuJu's plan at a leisurely pace, because I'm pretty sure I need more recovery time at my advanced age 😁 Enjoy those aching limbs!


Best of luck restarting your 10k journey. It’s a great plan. Have a fun injury free journey. Happy running 🤗

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