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Happy First Parkrun of 2019

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402 33:23 VM65-69 51.67 % M 243 NHS Couch to 5k PB stays at 00:32:22 18

What can I say? Over 500 people turned out at 10:30 this morning to run the Keswick Parkrun. Twice as big as I have seen it before. It was the most amazing event. Whichever way you looked there were runners...

The organisers had 300 tokens, so the queue at the end for us slowpokes was pretty big, but everyone who wanted and who had a barcode got recorded, I think. I was 402nd of the 500 recorded. I would have beaten my PB, but for the very slow getaway (honest!), I never even heard the starter say 'Go!'.

Never mind. It was the best fun I've had for years.

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Well done theoldfellow, I suspect the late departure time and holiday makers would have helped to boost your numbers today . It’s so great to be a part of the running community isn’t it? I was smiling all the way round at ours today. Such a lovely day too.

The start can make such a difference so we always start our watches at the start line for our own records. Happy new year to you.

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theoldfellow in reply to Dexy5

Happy New Year to you and UTS. It's been a privilege to have your friendship this last year.


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Dexy5Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

Ditto 😘

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Well done TOF! I did a huge parkrun today too, and like you it took for ever to get through the start! Happy running to you in 2019. 👍🏃

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Amazing TOF and a happy New Year to you, it seems to me that every parkrun today was attended by everyone who has a barcode, you think 500 is a lot, other New Year parkruns had more than 1,000 runners, well done on that time.

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Well done TOF - PB next week!

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Oh my... all those folk,,, and I panicked at my first PR with only 280!!!

Huge well done you and Happy New Year!!!

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Great that you got to join in with the busy fun, Oldfellow. 😊❤️

Speedy OH did double local Parkruns this morning, and the results have only just come through for the first one at Delamere! I think a lot of Parkruns have struggled with getting results in for record attendances with manual time entries needed when they ran out of tokens! He said the 2nd one he did at Chester was so busy that the slower runners had to queue just to enter the finishing funnel, before even getting their times recorded. 😳

All pretty amazing I think, that so many people want to get up early and run instead of nursing hangovers in bed! 😃🍾🥂❤️

There was some talk in the papers about this being probably the 'dryest' new year on record. Many people, including me I might add, went to bed early. I always do though.

I find it very encouraging that Parkrun has taken off. I wish I could get my OH to take up running, but she says she's too busy.

Have a great 2019.


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mountaindreamerGraduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

You too Oldfellow! ❤️❤️😊

We both run, but not necessarily together... I got up sober to run my first 18k yesterday instead! Good to have different aims sometimes, and that was my New Year’s Day plan. 😃❤️

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What a great start to the year theoldfellow. With so many runners I doubt there would have been many PBs, but you still did a really good time! I bet the atmosphere was amazing 😃

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