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Magic 6K in week 2 of JuJu's plan

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My longest ever run. Very pleased to say I enjoyed it. I used basically the same route as last week's 5.5K run, and just carried on until Garmin said 6K.

The thing I am noticing is that all the issues seem to come at about 3K to 4K. Niggling little pains in the knees and hips, the brain telling me that I need to stop as I'm dying, the lungs saying the air has no oxygen.... but by the time I get to 5K that has all gone. It probably doesn't help that 3 - 4K on this route there is a slight incline up.

Not quite sure what I shall do next week, I'm sort of anti-laps, and all the longer routes have bigger hills. There is no sidewalk on the A591, so that is out as it's full of blind bends too. Maybe I should get the car out and go to a flat place (like Lincolnshire...)

Next run Parkrun, fun fun fun.

Hope you are all having a great day, lovely runners.❤

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You are doing very well sir, those gradual increases in runs are paying dividends. I would certainly not advise you to run on the main road, any A road is full of juggernauts etc, the driver might not even see you as the driving cab is so high. Good luck with your parkrun on Saturday morning.

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That's fantastic, well done. My advice, go and tackle those hills. If you lived here, you would have no choice. I found it a problem to begin with, but now I'm glad as they have given me stamina, strength and endurance. Just take them a step at a time.

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theoldfellow in reply to FlickM3

I think you are right. There is a circular route from home, it starts with 20m over 1Km, then climbs quickly in the next 0.5Km through about 40m height gain, then slowly another 50m over about 1Km. It then goes down and up a few times. I'm not sure of the exact distance, but it takes over an 1.5 hour to walk the route, so at say 3 mph, that would be about 7 or 8Km.

It will be a major change for me. I'll give it a go. Thinking about it, I can try the really steep bit for Monday/Tuesday short run - out and back.

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FlickM3Graduate10 in reply to theoldfellow

You can do it. My elevation gain is often 50-75m, sometimes quite a bit more, i just expect it.

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Well done getting the 6k done! You’re well on your way now! ❤️🏃‍♂️😊 Not sure what to suggest about hills, unless you want to take Flick’s advice and just go for them! Are there no flattish routes around lakes nearby that you could investigate?

The run round Lake Bassenthwaite would be about 18 miles...

Yes there are others, but I hate the thought of getting the car out.

I'm going for Flick's plan. I respect her judgement.

I say embrace the hills! It’ll improve your cardiovascular fitness no end. ⛰

You are doing great.🌟👏👏

Yes go for the hills, build it up slowly.

Much advice on technique.🤔

I am a highlander.

What suits me is the traditional technique.🤔 Stand tall,short quick steps with a change of gear in your breathing.

Not 1-2-3-4, but 1-2. Arms at 45 not 90 and pumping much shorter stroke in line with your shorter stride.In fact it is the stroke of your arms , coordination, that is determining your stride.🤔

We are all different,some of it may suit you.It does improve your propulsion/efficiency up those inclines and mountains really.

Good luck.Much Hill advice available including Strava hill repeats.


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Lincs has woldy bits. Caistor is almost mountainous 😁

Slow down and all will be well 👍🏃‍♂️👍

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Just going round that bottom left loop twice shouldn't really feel like laps, and should add enough to get you to 10 depending on where you start and finish on the "panhandle" ….

There's a triangle of paths on my 1:50000 OS Sheet 89 that look promisingly flat - but of course might be a bog snorkel route :-) - starting with a bit northwest along the lakeside (labelled as "Allerdale Ramble") from Scarness towards Armathwaite Hall, then east to Kilnhill then due south.

And I note you carted it for the third k, which will make the fourth a bit harder :-)

Great stuff, keep it going!

It's slightly complicated right now, as we have a major water pipeline going in. Many footpaths are closed, with 'keep out' notices and big holes in the ground. Where they have finished they are doing a fine job of putting things back, I ran over one on my panhandle today. And I tried one of the others and got ripped to bits by brambles, 'cos with the pipeline they are not being walked...

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Tbae in reply to theoldfellow

Another treatment of boring loops, if large enough 1k-2k and greater, run outward half and treat the inward leg as your home/ return run.🤔 Various combinations can work.🤔 Can work if your options are limited.🤔👏👏💥🏃‍♂️💥

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Hello theoldfellow, I can understand your problem in Cumbria. If you know of somewhere nice to drive to, I’d go for it. Me and OH do that every now and then and it adds to the interest.

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Oops I forgot to say well done on 6k. Brilliant. 🏃‍♂️

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Yay well done...

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theoldfellow in reply to ju-ju-

I must be doing something. My glutes ache (sounds so much better in American, doesn't it?)

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