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Perhaps finding another gear.


Over 3 months ago and on completion of C25k my first and one and only 5k parkrun recorded 47:06.

By mid May recorded a 43:41 that somehow did not catch my interest.

Decided I would enter this snail, lol. in Roseabi's Speed challenge.

I entered a 45 min base time for a 5k regular Woodland Circuit, time based on

my only PARKRUN official time and thought with all the miles I have put in my legs maybe I have quickened a little.

With the starters gun gone

Wk1,3xruns, 42,47 & 49mins.Strava did not record the 42, lol.

Wk2, 3xruns,46:57,43:38 & 44:32.

So at least got on the board and corrected the oversight of the 43:41not being declared initially.

Wk3, 3x runs 44:32, 46:33 & boom 40:56 and 8:11 mins/km.

Loved the fun, the tips, advice and of course the forum support.

I feel definitely I have moved into another band from 45-50,and of course initially higher than that,

to 40-45.

Next target is 35-40 mins.

Just feel that all that is required is a bit of hard work and application in time.

The knowledge and motivational support is here on the forum.

Last week of the speed challenge until the next one.

Good luck to all the flyers out there and already participating in this one.

Don’t spend too much time at the drinks table this snail I think is getting quicker. lol.

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Good stuff tbae. When I find a new gear coming through it emerges as a quicker pace that initially I can't maintain over 5k so I end up stopping for a walk at 3/3.5 but this then annoys me as I was going so quick so I then use the remaining distance to do strides at an even quicker pace usually ending up with a balls out 💯 metre dash. I think this non scientific approach works for me as within a run or two the 5k comes down. The run after a 10k race seems to be a quick one too for some reason.

Tbae in reply to pinkaardvark

Thanks Michael.

That is really helpful.

From not knowing what strides were last week, I like them and the little I have tried so far I enjoy them. Do them instead of walking out of the park.

So that is another good tip,along with the many, many others from you.

Should have said, I will never forget your words, in order to run faster you have first to run fast.How wise and profound that is.

Yes funnily enough the non recorded 42 mins was following a 10K two days before.?

Hope the heat is not playing havoc with your marathon training.?

Atb with your plan.

The sprint is not au naturale, I hope .lol.Just checking.

Many thanks.


You are not a snail Tbae, you are a jaguar, yea, don't get too carried away by speed, remember your supposed to enjoy all your runs. Just an update regarding me, Alan, since I started C25K my week has been Wednesday, Saturday and Monday, most of the Monday runs including my graduation run have been not done locally because on a Monday for the last 10 years I like to visit places well away from home. I just kept the Monday runs as the last day of my running week. Now after graduation, in fact a week after I use a Monday just as a gentle run and keep the main longer ones to the Wednesday and Saturday, Today I was a bit pressed for time as I had to take my son in law and daughter with their son to lunch in Stirling to celebrate my son in laws 41st birthday, so I decided to run W1R1 round my local park, a 3 minute walk to the beginning, usually takes 28 minutes to walk around it, I ran/walked it today in 15 minutes from leaving the house to returning to the front door. I understand that you are training for a half marathon sometime later in the year, I wish you luck with your training.

Tbae in reply to AlMorr

Thanks Alan.

Your the Jaguar mate.

From your times above,

Your walking pace/running pace is near enough double,

so if you are walking 5km/hr ? Say, so your running pace is 10km/hr or 6 mins / km and that is 30 minute time for a 5k. Magic. friend.

Add to that a consecutive 10 km/ hr, 5k run and find a second from somewhere and boom you have yourself your desired sub one hour 10K.

Hey Alan with time it is doable.Even if it never gets achieved, nice to dream.?

Have a go in the autumn, think that maybe the next one,

That’s great with your schedule and visiting.

Gosh I am boring. Stay at home me, almost behind the garden gates, lol.Only get out when I

But I am enjoying this running malarkey and I do enjoy the challenge of continuous

Yes using the 10K plan to build my long run up to 21.5k in the 8 weeks.

But I have been building mileage for a few months now, before commencing with the Panther cubs. JuJu’s plan.

Family invasion, lovely this week coming, and the last week of Roseabi’s speed challenge to do, so 1-2 week sort of interruption to my long easy run.Will still do my 3runs very early before the house stirs.

So still intend to do my own HM in August for the macular society.

Thanks Alan and take care if you.



You certainly are Tbae ...You’ll be a blur in a few weeks at this rate!!! You’ve given yourself something to work towards & there’s nothing like a challenge to keep us motivated!! 😉

Tbae in reply to Mummycav

Love that Beth.

Blur, that’s got me thinking, new technique and strategy for hiding from the boss and the ever growing job list.

It just keeps getting longer, no blur there

Hey Bev got a long way to go to catch you and that man Simon T, just graduated , we’ll dream on, lol.

You are doing fabulously well.

Take good care of you.

MummycavModerator in reply to Tbae

Thank you Tbae , I’m a bit frustrated today as I was supposed to finish week 2 with a 6k on Tuesday but DaddyCav has kept me busy by needing me at work with him ripping a bathroom out so I STILL haven’t done it so I am hoping & praying that it’s cool enough for me to go out this evening 🤞🏻

Tbae in reply to Mummycav

You are amazing.

Stay chilled.Easy for me to say , retired and maybe should say tired. lol.

You will get to it.

I do not know now how I managed to get to

Do not know how your generation does it all.Seriously.

Your amazing with all the responsibilities.

Take good care of you.


Softly softly catchee monkey as they say... for some reason! But its true, bit by bit we get there. Another saying about eating an elephant one spoonful at a time (not that we really want to eat them of course😉) but it is all possible piece by piece.

I am in no doubt you'll achieve your HM as I know you have the staying power 💪👍😁

Tbae in reply to GoGo_JoJo

That’s lovely Jo and so kind.

Your spot on and when that comes from a flyer you got to sit up and listen.

Hope everything with you is good and getting better.

Just reading about Simon T, another flyer like you.He has just graduated.

Just decided to take an extra half hour, chill, and try and figure out if all you people are on special water supplies and

At least there will be no drug inspector knocking at my

Take good care of you.


"Just feel that all that is required is a bit of hard work and application in time."

That's it exactly! Eyes on the prize 🤩

Tbae in reply to roseabi

Love it.Thinking of using my daughters as pace makers for one of my last Speed challenge, is that outside the rules.They are not going to carry me , promise. lol.

Perhaps not they are busy with their sprockets.

Eyes on the prize.

Take care of you.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Pacemakers are perfectly acceptable - great idea, too!

Go you!!

Tbae in reply to roseabi

Thank you Abi.

Maybe for one of the runs.

Problem is I prefer very early mornings. lol.

Definately feel it could get me into the 35-40 band.

Thank you for all your hard work and fun and enjoyment.

Funny my graph reflects from where I started after completion of C25k and my first PARKRUN.

I think it is called in training one step back to go two forward.

Interesting after Simon T’s graduation today they may have to start calling it C26k. lol.

See his post?

Take care of you.

roseabiAdministrator in reply to Tbae

Ooh yes, found it! It's a pity he feels he has to say he'll go back to running 8 min/km. I hope he continues to enjoy running faster!

Tbae in reply to roseabi

Have a word with him.

There is medical evidence that our bodies get stuck in a place perfecting, when we do not want that really.

Omitted to say thanks for your tips.Brillant.

Eyes on the prize.

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