7K ran with Zombies

I was back pounding the pavement this evening. My plan was to do 7K. Along with Spotify I tried for the first time Zombies Run. It was a nice distraction trying to stay ahead of the Zombies. As usual the first 10 minutes was tough going, I then found my stride and found it comfortable going. After 5k I was ok but wanted to stop. I kept going and then at 6.5k I found my stride again. Could have done more but stopped at 7.2k , so happy I kept going. I plan to be at 10k in a month. Feeling more confident now.


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  • Nice solid run Damien. At this rate you will be there in no time!

  • Well done Damien, you will be at 10k soon enough I'm sure.

    Remember, not every run has to be a long one...you can still do three runs a week , but make one short, one medium and one longer and get brilliant results.

    I'm doing this at the moment and my 6k today was really easy, I took the first 0.5k really slowly and found a great rhythm all the way through.

    Happy running😊...

  • Well done :) I know quite a few people who run with the zombies, but I've never dared because what if I were running without them and then they appeared...? :O Great distance, and you are right to build up gradually. You will get to that 10k nicely.

  • Haha Annie 😂😳😂

  • Good job. I always think at 7K then the 10K is just around the corner 🙂

  • Well done for your 7k! I downloaded that Zombies app, and I was cacking my runderwear before I even started running. No way, José. I get enough trepidation out of wondering if the local chasseurs are going to take me for a wild boar at the moment.

  • Zombies Run was good. Took my mind off the pain.😀 After 4 km I was getting messages in my ear to say that the Zombies were gaining on me. So I had to up my pace. Unfortunately I forgot to save my progress so will have to do it all again.

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