Ran 7k by accident!

Ran 7k by accident!

When I went out yesterday planning to run at least 5k, I felt OK so thought I would run on to 6k but the wind was blowing so hard couldn't hear the Runkeeper announcement, discovered I was nearly at 7k so kept going! Feel very happy that I did it and surprised. My legs were stiff on the day but fine the following day.

think I will stick to 6k as a maximum for now but maybe, 10k would b possible next year. Can't believe it as I just graduated from C25K 11 weeks ago.

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  • Fantastic joolie! What a great run! Sounds like you were ready for it. You're definitely going to have to find yourself a 10k next year!

  • I was battling with 5k 10 weeks ago and just kept running X 3 times a week, if I felt good on a run started to do a bit more - 5 1/2, then 6, now 7! Going to take it steady though and see how it goes. Still want to stop for the first 10 mins 😳

  • Your plan sounds just like mine! I thought I had run a slow 5k the other day and then looked at my distance and I had actually run 5.7k without realising! Onwards and upwards. 😀

  • It never happens to me by accident, only by a lot of effort :-)

  • True! I put the running time in, so I can enjoy it a bit longer, not bad for a 52 year old first time runner 😀

  • Well done, sometimes without planning ahead, your body surprises you. Great job

  • True, I am surprised because in the summer I started to do a bit of walking, then tried cycling and ended up a runner, all in my fifty second year!

  • Sounds familiar!

  • Well done - I think it's amazing much much all our fitness seems to be improving so quickly after C25K - 10k will definitely be possible for you :-)

  • Wow, look at your pace too! great stuff!

  • That is bloody brilliant Joolie. Your legs will recover quicker over time. I found this. It took me ages before I could mentally get to 10K after graduating, so you are doing brilliantly well getting to 7K after just 11 weeks from graduation. Sound to me you will get there faster than I did but be careful not to go too far beyond what is comfortable for you. 5K three times a week is a good test for your mind and body to deal with. Add 10% on to your distance each time and get your body used to that. It's all incredibly interesting in how the body can do longer distances. Today I did 10K which was hard, but I knew I could easily complete the distance because I've done it a lot. But take your time and you will reap benefits galore!!

  • Thanks, I will stick to a maximum of 6K for now but 5k is still a decent distance. Looking after my legs!

  • Brilliant..well done you!!

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