Went out aiming for 6k, did 7.5

A nice morning, damp from yesterday's rain but the sun peeked through as I set off. Did my favourite route with a bit extra - village, country road, riverside boardwalk, canal towpath. Met an older woman and her granddaughter picking blackberries - the little girl a bit despondent as she couldn't reach the best ones. I'd picked mine last weekend so I pointed them to the best area to find them :)

Felt good at the 5k point so kept going. Was aiming for 6k today. Felt good at 6k so kept going....

Felt that I could have gone further but, mindful of potential injury and the advice of my friends on here, I stopped at 7.5k - not fast, 59 minutes.

I'm still debating whether to enter a 10k I've seen locally in just under 3 weeks - it looks like a really nice bit of countryside but is described on the website as 'challenging' and 'undulating' - scary words! I'll have to try a few longer runs first :)

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  • Yes, a bit off putting when a run is described as 'challenging'! You could always walk the hilly parts perhaps?

  • That's what I'm thinking. However I looked at last year's results & the slowest was about 1hr 30 - gulp! 😗

  • Good stuff Joy. You could go for a few little undulating runs beforehand to get you ready 🙂

  • Good plan as always IP! 😄

  • Beautiful post and a lovely run and a spot of Good Samaritan too :)

    Go for the 10 K... and practice first ?

  • Yes I think I will Oldfloss. Forewarned is forearmed or something like that! 😄

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