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Week 5: Run 1

Officially a recovery week according to my plan, so I sandwiched my 15 minute steady run into the middle of my dog walk this evening.

Because of the fields being higher than the track (by several feet in some places) it was actually cool up on the hill and I had a nice little scamper along the ridge before heading down the hill for a cool off walk by the allotments.

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Good, well done 😃👍✔️

I was going to take my legs for a spin last night after dog walking duties and gardening but when I checked the clock it was 10.15 pm. I didn't bother 🙄

I wasn't scheduled to run but I fancied a leg stretch. In the event I only stretched them as far as the top floor of my house 😁

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I wouldn't want to go out and 10:15 at night either. Not unless I was in Scotland. 😀


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