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W2R2 - Second run with Sam - 5+15+1+15+1+15+5 does not equal 61

Glorious sunny day here - so decided to give Sam another chance and set off following week 2. Apparently 5 minutes walk, then three sets of 15 minutes run followed by 1 min break and then 4 (or possibly 5) minutes brisk walk cool down. Had planned a route so I knew roughly where my walking breaks would be. Set watch to 4 p.m. exactly to keep track of time - spot on 5 minutes time to run. Music a little better; just as I reached where I thought the first walk break should be, on cue I heard her say time to walk; same thing happened with second walk break. Third and final 15 minute run, reached where I thought cool down walk should commence and just music. Kept going. Added on a loop. Still no mention of walking, just music. Legs were getting quite tired at this point, so looked down at my watch - 4:57! Must have missed it. Walked the rest of the way back home - another minute and half, music still going. And still going for another two and half minutes whilst I drank a lovely glass of water and stretched my legs. Total play time is 61 minutes!

Listening back, at just past 52 minutes, she does indeed quietly say running is finished - but it's in the middle of a rap track with the music still audible, so very very hard to hear. And 9 minutes of music plays afterwards.

So I reckon I did 5 minutes walk; 15 min run; 1 min walk; 15 min run; 1 min walk; 20 min run; 1.5 min walk. Total distance 5.4 miles.

Rest day tomorrow. Hurrah!

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She tells you when you've finished,,then you get a load of tunes to walk home to. There is a lovely one called "Love you til the end" by The Pogues

I ran week 5 day 2 today ☺


Yes, I missed her telling me - i'm sure she speaks in time to the rap too! Having not heard the cue to finish running I don't remember the last 9 minutes of music - too busy concentrating on waiting for instructions to walk.

Music was definitely better over-all than Week 1 though!


The music was mostly new to me but there are some belting tunes on there. All chosen for their inspiring lyrics and beat to run to. The Shakira one is 😁 as is Surrender by Cheap Trick

A really good track seems to always pop up just when I need it 😤😀


You have wonderful taste! You like all the tracks I like from those podcasts!


I was saved at the death yesters by Shifty Shellshock 😊


Starry eyed surprise? I love that one tpp.


Err, showing my ignorance here but who is Sam?


A sort of follow on set of podcasts some of us use - Bridge to 10 KM with Sami Murphy

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Thanks, I'll check it out.


That is a belting tune! I Love Rihanna Pon d Replay too. That saves my sorry ass at times, just when you need it 😀


Stop copying me!


Sorry 😀


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