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Week 1 on the bridge complete


I accidentally ran too far on my long run today... I had planned to do at last the first part of ju-ju-‘s plan by time but thought I could have a go at distance for the long run, as I can run 5k, just not in the timescale. I planned a 6k route with Mapometer, knowing that I would walk to warm up and cool down. It turns out it was at least 6.5k as a route and then I got lost... ended up 7.5k in total! There was a decent walked stretch at 4K as it was a crazily steep hill, so I planned to run a bit longer to make up for it, and then was worried I’d be late back to pick up my son from rugby, so kept going! I think I ran for around 6.5k out of the total distance 🙄 At least I know I can plod along if I need to: once I got past the 35 minute mark I seemed to get s second wind... I need a good rest though now, and plan my route better next time! Glorious morning too 😊

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Ooh, and I am gradually getting the bum-squeezing thing. I’m not sure my left glutes are engaging properly yet but it was certainly better and no hip flexor pain like on Weds 👍

Yay. Well done and bum squeezes too👍👍👍.


Well done Molly - hope your recovery is going well after your unexpected extension!

molly1973Graduate10 in reply to JonathanP

Just hit a wall! Ready to sleep 😴

Well done 👍🏻 I sometimes get a second wind after 5k and can’t believe I can plod away 😃

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