Week 5: Run 3, Gremlins at 8 o'clock

Week 5: Run 3, Gremlins at 8 o'clock

Last day of the recovery week scheduled into my 5k-10K app makes it a 30 minute steady run, so I'd promised myself this was going to be the day I ran up the hill behind one of the local farms. One of my friends and both agreed, at the beginning of this year, that running up it without stopping is something we could only do when we were a lot fitter. So I knew I had to get out there and get going first thing this morning (as long as it wasn't too hot already).

Except, I had a long day on my feet all day yesterday doing (admittedly) lovely things with my grandsprockets (they're 1 and 2) and my daughter, and actually what the gremlins wanted me to do was stay in bed a lot longer. I did finally get up though, found I hadn't turned my phone on to charge overnight, so had a drink of water while it got at least some charge. Then the dog and I headed out to walk to the farm, with the wind blowing straight at me.

The closer I got to the farm the more the gremlins poked at me: it's windy already, it will be even windier up there... you know there's a gentle slope you can run up instead that goes in the other direction, the wind will be behind you then...

Farm reached, I turned the app on, I could see the track the gremlins wanted me to take instead snaking off to my left, behind the horse fields. As I approached the gate to the path I should take, with the path the gremlins wanted me to take a few yards farther on, I still hadn't made up my mind, and then--

The gate was open! More than open, the gate is, in fact, broken. I wouldn't even have to stop walking to wrestle it open, and the path beyond looked cool and shady and inviting. I let the dog off her lead and away we went.

The last couple of minutes of my warm up walk got me a short way up the hill, and then I was running slowly (slow and steady wins the race after all) up the hill accompanied by the voice of Nigel Havers on BBC iPlayer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I did not stop. Not once. I greeted a fellow runner halfway up as he was running down and felt like a Real Runner! When I got to the pylon at the brow of the hill I threw my hands in air and shouted 'insert victory dance here' as I ran past it. Yes, really.

I slow ran along the ridge; I greeted another runner. I turned the corner and ran the undulating rutted path that lead me towards home; I greeted another runner!

I had to slow right down and backtrack a bit, just before the cool down section, when we met dog walkers as one of theirs was a bit OTT and my girl is a bit nervous, but still I did not stop \o/

It's only my regular 5k run, run backwards and it took me, maybe, about 5 minutes longer. But I feel like I really accomplished something this morning.

*points at picture* Nearly home!

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  • Sounds like a wonderful run (Hill? What hill?). It must be so great to run in the countryside. I envy you :-)

  • If my only choice was running on pavement or running laps around a playing field, I don't think I'd be running. My back couldn't take me pounding along on a pavement.

  • I feel exactly the same , as you know:) Fields and tracks and trails... pure delight :)

  • I've got a pond in the middle of a business park and the edge of a playing field in my route. I do see squirrels, loads of birds, a heron, ducks and once, a kingfisher. I'd like to do one of the Norfolk trails, maybe Boudicca Way, but definitely not all in one go. It'll need to wait until my summer holidays though.

  • Definitely something to aim for 😊

  • Yeay!!!!! You blinkin' well did it and it sounds and looks fantastic!!!

    You overcame the hill and you squished those pesky gremlins into submission! Accomplished something...I should says so!

  • I really felt like a real runner going up that hill. I know I wasn't pushing myself - that wasn't the point - but yes 😀 Today I was Real Runner, in a way that I don't think I have been before.

  • Brilliant !

    Nothing like an incline to really make us feel good... but I beg to differ... I have always thought of you as a proper runner, always... :)

  • You're so lovely Oldfloss. Where would we be without you 😍

  • A REAL runner ! x

  • Great stuff.

  • Thanks

  • Inspiring stuff, Maddee! Thanks so much for the post. I've been avoiding the hills near my home, but know they have to be tackled sooner or later. The slow and steady approach sounds just the thing. And I'll remember to add the 'insert victory dance here' moment. Re your 5-10K app. What are you using? I'm wanting to move up from 5k and would love a good programme to follow. Bravo again and a real runner you definitely is!

  • Thanks. I pretty much can't go in any direction from my house and NOT have to tackle some kind of uphill. It's just that one has always been THE BIG HILL before.

    I use Active's 5k-10K and use Sergeant Block as my trainer, there is a female voice available but she is too girly for my taste. The format is similar to C25K, there's one short run, one interval session, and one long run every week, and it introduces you to the idea of running different paces. It also logs your runs and gives you gold stars for fastest and longest etc

  • Oooh! I love a gold star. As much encouragement as possible is what's needed for me. That's why I love this forum so much and make sure I read something every day -- even if I don't post myself. It's so great to have this lovely family of support.

    I'll look up Sergeant Block now. And bravo once more -- a BIG HILL -- even more respect!

  • Gold stars are excellent - it shows someone is paying attention 😀

    In my head it was THE BIG HILL, other people might think it's a perfectly doable, piddly little thing. Though MapMyFitness does a nice line in making all my local runs look like I run in the Alps or something 😆

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