Week 2, Day 3

Week 2, Day 3

Bit chilly, but the threatened rain didn't materialise.

35 minutes running with no stopping, at a fairly consistent pace*, and even the dog obliged me by not needing a toilet break.

*My 'normal' 7m30s per km - the last 5k was slower but more because I'd underestimated how far I'd get so had to scramble up and down the river bank when I lengthened my route.

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  • Excellent. I see your dog runs slightly ahead as pacer. Very clever of him/her.

  • It's actually very rare that she's that far ahead - she normally runs right beside me, or right behind me if she's not attached to a Canicross line. 😊

  • I climbed a hill (Ben Chonzie, very nice) yesterday with my dog. There were so many sheep and lambs I had to have her on the lead almost the whole time. She would ideally like to walk immediately in front of me - like, falling over her distance away from me - so I had to keep pulling her to my side. Quite a work-out!

  • Tricky with all these lambs everywhere!

  • Lovely photo, looks a nice place for a run :)

  • It's the flattest place local to me. 😀

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