Week 3 Run 2 (not dog powered)

Week 3 Run 2 (not dog powered)

No, not a repeat; I got myself in a muddle on Tuesday.

After a hot, sunny day it decided to rain on me, this evening, as I snuck in my scheduled run on the way to my son's to pick up the eldest grandsprocket for a night at nanny and grampa's.

To be honest I was glad of the rain; I find it hard to run when the weather gets warmer. What did annoy me was the fact that traffic was so bad that I was forced to run round the Rec instead of heading up the river.

It actually wasn't too bad - I discovered that there's construction traffic all over the place down there (due to work on the flood defences) so there was a fair amount of In and Out and Roundabout to make it less dull.

My phone was very flat so I was relying on Map my Fitness's coaching function, and toward the end I miscounted how many times I'd heard her voice, so walked for a bit before I realised, but that - and the dog needing a 'comfort break' near the beginning - were very minor problems.

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  • I don't like it too warm either, so hard to run! Most impressed by your IT skills - annotating the map my fitness screen, I wouldn't have a clue ;) Quick pace - well done.

  • It hadn't occurred to me that I could do it until I saw one of the guys in our Facebook group do it the other day. It was actually quite easy on my iPhone. I hit Edit>More>Markup. πŸ˜€

  • Sounds like a run full of interesting bits... well done you!

  • Haha, where my glasses were all rainspatterered I ended up running down a dead end at one point.

  • Wonderful!!

    This running is so exciting isn't it.. I got lost once running up a lane I did not even know about, that turned into a dead end.. with a very scary farm house at the end of it!!

    Whoever said, and someone did, in a post on C25K, that running was boring, has no idea!!!

  • Really no idea πŸ˜†

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