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Laura I came back to you!!!!


Just did my third park run today. Very happy as knocked a few more seconds off Pb.. now 36:35 (I bet Mo Farah is looking over his shoulder... I don't think).

So the decision this morning was what to run to:

Option 1: nothing... enjoy the ambiance.

Option 2: the Sami Murphy podcast I've just started running with.

Option 3: the "rock" tracks I've just down loaded for running... Bryan Adams, the Darkness, Bruce Springsteen... all middle aged man stuff (Ok there,s a Taylor Swift track in there but don't tell any one!!)

Answer: none of the above... went back to my old faithful of Week 9 with Laura and Julie!!!!

Still it did the job.

Happy running to all who did Parkrun this morning... it was a bit colder than it looked here in the West Midlands.

Happy Running John.

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It was a bit warmer than it looked here in the East Midlands. Very warm Parkrun for me!

Always good to catch up with Laura πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

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I've often done a Parkrun listening to the w9 podcast. Actually, come to think of it, I got my 10k PB listening to it -I just moved it back to the beginning as soon as the cool down section started. Gotta love a bit of You and Julie 🎢🎢

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Chilly wind all around here in sunny Staffs Moorlands... but well done you!

I still love Laura and take her out with me when i feel nostalgic :)

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well done on your new pb . . I did my third park run with hubby and some of our running group today in Warwickshire, it was very warm and sunny. also got a new pb

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Well done Charliejack... I find parkrun rewarding... I don't think enjoy is exactly the right word. I enjoy finishing but at the moment the running is hard. John


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