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I'm back, albeit slow and steady

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Hello runners!

After the go ahead from the physio a few weeks ago I'm back running, and gradually building up to where I left off. Most importantly pain free!

After 4x running / walking runs from the physio's plan, it said I should now be able to go out and run for 15 minutes, but I've decided to take things a little slower and I've hopped over to C25K again jumping in at week 4, and rather than doing that run 3x, as long as I'm pain free I'm moving on to the next week. So today I'm all set to do week 5.

I can't tell you how happy I am to be running again, despite the drop in temperature from when I last ran!

Since coming off the IC, my approach to my personal journey of running has completely changed. Whereas before I was constantly trying to improve times and grow in distance, striving to run quicker and get PBs. Now it's all about building up some slow and steady runs and getting a foundation from which I can grow. I'm not in a hurry to do 10k, or even 5k now. I'm simply enjoying my running, because I just love running.

I did join a gym when I was not allowed to run, and I've started doing yoga classes, strength classes, along with swimming and spinning. I don't think I'll use the treadmills as not only do they terrify me, I think I just prefer to be outdoors. (Although they do have a curved Woodway treadmill that is supposed to replicate out door running....still terrifying though). There is a running club there so once I'm back up to 5k, I'll join those runs.

For all those on the IC, be patient, do your physio exercises and slowly ease back in to running. For those who are running, listen to your body and if something doesn't feel right, don't run with pain. Rest, and see a physio if you need to.

Happy running and resting!


26 Replies
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Hi 👋, welcome back LR! Bet it feels great to be able to restart your journey!

You sound like you have a sensible plan going forward, and I wholeheartedly agree with your desire to remain slow and steady. The more I run, the more I appreciate how that approach makes the runs so much more enjoyable. 😀🏃‍♀️

I’ve also joined a gym and did brave the treadmill last week. Surprisingly not too bad - just extremely hot! You never know, you might be able to give it a go to get your running fix on a foul winter’s day!

Good luck! 👍😀👏

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Little-runner in reply to cheekychipmunks

Thanks Cheeky, yes it feels great!

Ooh let me know if you have any treadmill tips! I'm very nervous about trying it out for the first time for fear of falling off the end or doing something silly. You're right, it may help once the weather gets horrendous 🌨⛈. I should brave it but I'm too shy to try, especially when other people are about!

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cheekychipmunksGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

The one I use has a clip on kill switch, so if it gets taut, ie you get too close to the end of the belt, it switches off! I like that idea, because I had the same fear as you. 😀

It was ok, really. You could go for a practise walk first or something. The speed and inclines controls are basic unless you go into expert mode (ha, not a chance in my case)! I recommend it, but obviously only if the weather gets too vile. Outside is best I think! Go on, go for a test drive! 😅🏃‍♀️👍

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Little-runner in reply to cheekychipmunks

I will give it a go and report back! x

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Welcome back LR, I'm sure the wait will be worthwhile. It's cold out there but still nice! Very best of luck for a complete recovery 😀👏👍

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Little-runner in reply to telford_mike

Thanks Mike! How's Switzerland?

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telford_mikeGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

Having a few weeks in the U.K. seeing family etc, back to the mountains in 2 weeks time. It’ll be even colder there!

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Little-runner in reply to telford_mike

Goodness! It's cold enough here at the moment! Brrrrrrr!

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Fantastic! Yay! The girl is back! Sounds like a great plan. Going out for a run that has no ambition to be faster / longer / better makes it so much more enjoyable. Running because we can and because it makes us smile is lovely.

Take care hun, you are doing great.

(Re: treadmill, try a 20 minute walk on the hill setting, it will go up and down of its own accord, I set the pace at 4.1 for a reasonably fast walk, 3.8 would be a slow steady walk. You could do this on a rest day. Treadmill brands vary, so 3.8 might be a complete snails pace on the treadmill you try using. It’s good to have options for when we get bad weather days.)

Good luck!

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Little-runner in reply to Goforitmama

Aw thanks. I feel grateful that I can run now, and will definitely look after me a bit more and just tone the ambition down a little.

I will try walking on the treadmill to start, and I guess I can just gradually up or down the pace to what feels comfortable.

I'm due to run now and I just looked out the window and it's raining, but sod it...I'm still going! 😃

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GoforitmamaGraduate10 in reply to Little-runner

That’s determination!

Btw ; every treadmill I’ve ever seen has a ‘Manual’ button / program. Get on press manual then start. It will start so slowly, like it’s hardly moving. The you press the speed increment arrow and it will speed up. Keep pressing the speed increment until it’s at a pace you are comfortable with. You can do it.

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Glad you're back! Looks like you've got a really sensible approach to it :)

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Little-runner in reply to southlundon

Thanks South, v happy to be back and enjoying every minute. 😍

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Love this, you sound so similar to me, and from your words I can tell you will stick at this as its part of life now. So glad you are now off the IC and all that strength work will be making such a difference too. Like you I cannot think of anything worse than running on a treadmill!!

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Little-runner in reply to ju-ju-

Hey thanks ju-ju. Yes it's definitely part of life and I just love run days! I will avoid treadmills except probably if it's snowing and icy, maybe torrential rain, lightening and probably gale force winds!

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Hi Little-runner, So pleased that it sounds like you have healed well under the guidance of your physio. Slow and steady is good! You seem to have maintained your love of running! It is hard to know quite where the line between good and pushing it too much lies. I never gave a thought that starting running would open up a world of targets, goals and PBs to aim for but some of the important targets must be to stay injury free, enjoy our running and improve our health. From reading the forum, this is not straight forward. Happy an safe running to you!

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Little-runner in reply to over61andstilltrying

You are so right that staying injury free is up there with other goals and targets. I guess when you are new to running and you've reached your first big milestone of 5k, then it's easy to think now anything is possible. Which obviously it is...but for me, I think it's worth taking time to consolidate running and gain some comfortable and easy miles under the belt before taking another leap. And that's what I'm doing now, building up to 5k again and then just staying for a while before moving up. or at least do it all a bit slower and steadier. Hopefully we'll be able to meet for that Parkrun in the new year! x

Loving your Graduate10 badge by the way! Well done!

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Lovely to hear you're back running Little-runner. Great advice too about being patient with injuries, I think us newer runners needlessly panic about losing the momentum and fitness while on the IC. But as we know there are so many benefits to running whatever your pace or distance.

Happy running 😁😁🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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Little-runner in reply to Crawlhome

Totally agree! Amazingly my fitness hasn't dropped off too much and I'm not struggling with that aspect so far. Thank goodness!

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👋🏽👋🏽👋🏽! Welcome back Little-runner!! Love the new approach! Keep on enjoying your way!! ❤️

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What a lovely and very sensible post! 🙂 So glad that you are back out there running and gradually building up again. I know what it's like to return from injury - to have to go back to the beginning and build up carefully, in fact I could have typed the same post last year! Listening to our bodies is so important - and sometimes we have to take our foot off the excelerator and remember what we loved about running in the first place. Good luck!🙂👍

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Little-runner in reply to Sandraj39

Thanks Sandraj and totally agree, we do need to use our instinct and not to push through pain. A lesson well learnt! x

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Great post, good to hear you are enjoying your running again, it's just what I needed to hear.

I am being patient after a serious ankle sprain has stopped me running for seven weeks now, I hope to pick it up again as you are in the coming weeks......

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Little-runner in reply to Richroux

Ah Richroux, so sorry to hear about your sprain. I think I probably didn't realise exactly how much I loved running until I wasn't able to. But to get back into it again, even if it was just little short 20 second bursts of running, was enough to satisfy my need to run! I'm taking it more slowly than my physio's plan, just to be safe as I really don't want to be in the same position again. Wishing you a speedy recovery and hopefully you'll be back out soon! Good luck!

This is a really nice and wise post - Thanks. I am really glad that you are back running and that you love it. I imagine many folk stop running after an injury. I'm impressed with your strength work at the gym. I want to do some but i'm too scared to go to the gym.

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Little-runner in reply to

Thank you paulanoo! You should do strength work if you can as its supposed to really compliment running. In all honesty you don't need a gym...you could just do squats and lunges at home! They'll be plenty of 'strength training workouts for runners at home' online, I'm sure of it. (I've just googled it and there are plenty of videos / articles to have a look at.) I mainly joined a gym for the swimming pool, but actually have really enjoyed going to classes as well. Good luck!

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