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Back to back Purkruns

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As it was New Years Day today we had the option of running two parkruns. One at our home run and the other with our neighbour Petersfield Parkrun. It was arranged that Petersfield would delay their start until 10:30 to allow runners finish the first run and get to the second.

My first run at Havant was well attended with a good number of tourists from all over, making for a good atmosphere. The route was very muddy today which was not unexpected. Considering the conditions I was happy with my run, no slips but got caked in mud, the joys of a runner! πŸ˜† Through the finish funnel and off to Petersfield for the next run!

My second Parkrun was at Queen Elizabeth Country Park. I thought my home run was hilly but this was nothing compared to the one I was about to run, from the start line it was up a steep hill for about 0.5k, that made me puff a bit. The route turned right and downhill only for us to turn at the bottom to go back up the steep hill, but this time for 1k. That sorted me out had to have a walk break here couldn't manage it in one hit.

The route was very muddy making Havant look positively dry, I thought I was muddy from the first one but this took the biscuit, big clean up job on the cards, not just me but of my kit also. But saying that I throughly enjoyed it! Will I try Petersfield again, a definite yes but must get some proper trail shoes first. πŸ˜€

I would certainly recommend Parkruns as they are great fun! Happy running all.

Time for no1; 27:10 - Time for no2; 30:36

8 Replies
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Well done you! Two good times despite doing two runs and one with serious mud! :-)

Happy running!

Frank-ntjGraduate10 in reply to Rainbowsmurf

Thanks rainbowsmurf, it was good fun and was good mixing with our running neighbours. Happy new year to you. 😊 Happy running!


Have you tried Southsea? Beautifully flat and dry surface but can be very windy which adds a different sort of challenge.

Frank-ntjGraduate10 in reply to Coddfish

I haven't yet, but I will give it a try. I enjoy parkruns and a change of scenery will add a little variety, the word 'flat' sounds very appealing. Are there any other C25K runners use the run?

CoddfishGraduate10 in reply to Frank-ntj

There is one other site user who runs there but we've never managed to bump into each other, but I did once meet a site user who was there on a day visit. It uses the prom between just east of the Pyramids to Eastney and back, so completely flat.

well done to you!

We ahd a similiar set up in Hull where you could do two runs and quite a few did although my friend came a cropper cos he got hurt on his second run and had to limp home!!


Frank-ntjGraduate10 in reply to givman

Thanks Gra! Hope your friend didn't do too much damage, did you have a go at both?

hi frank

no i did one on new years day and one the day after!! I know my limits lol!!


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