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I did it - I finished the race, 13.1 kilometres- can't quite believe it!


Beautiful day for the race (Edinburgh Kilomathon) dry, sunny and warm (although perhaps a bit too warm for me!) I had very little sleep due to excitement and things going round and round in my head but managed to wake with the alarm at 6.45 feeling ready.

Hubby walked with me from the hotel to the start which was a nice warm up then I got into my starting 'pen'. Soon it was time to start and I set off slowly. Over 1000 runners! The run went better than I expected, no bad twinges in my right leg (I was wearing a support bandage) and my pace was steady. I did find it rather warm though and this affected me particularly in the last 3k. I got quite excited passing the 10k marker - nearly there! Finally Murrayfield Stadium came into view! The last kilometre was very hard particularly since we had to run past the entrance and in a big loop before doubling back and entering the stadium. But I kept going and crossed the line in 1hour 27 minutes - I am so pleased with that time but just running that distance seems a miracle to me. Last Easter I had only just graduated from Couch25k! I felt very emotional at the end, quite overwhelmed :)

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Well done Sue, what a super speedy time! You look fab too, not like you've just run 13k, I might add....well deserved bling there my lovely!

Enjoy, enjoy!

Mx 🤗

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Madge50

Ahh, thank you Madge! I didn't look quite like that as I crossed the line! Yes, nice medal and buff.


Brilliant pace and lovely photo! Well done on a great run - it must have been pretty tough running in the heat today. Rest up and enjoy walking on clouds for a few days!☺

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Sandraj39

Thank you Sandra. In the afternoon we continued sightseeing, walking round Botanic gardens and art gallery - so not much of a rest! Probably quite good because my muscles feel good this morning.

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to skysue16

Glad you are recovering well☺


Congratulations on a great run Sue. You look very happy and deserve to feel really proud of yourself. Just amazing.😊x

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Bluebirdrunner

Yes Jan, thank you, feel very proud and amazed at myself! :)


Congratulations!!! :)

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Irish-John

Thanks John!


You look great! Congratulations!

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Lavender1962

Thank you, felt pretty good too!


Yeay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Go you!!!!

Wonderful run, wonderful time, wonderful post and wonderful photo :)

You are just glowing... and I don't mean because you are warm... what a smile..it says it all. Very, very well done :) x

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Oldfloss

THANK YOU so much Floss (what a lot of exclamation marks - I can hear speaking to me! ) As you say, the smile says it all - I was feeling very pleased with myself. We have just arrived home, what a lovely weekend in Edinburgh - this 'running tourism' seems a great idea :)

Fantastic run, brilliant time too! The photo is great, you look deservedly pleased! Well done runner!

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Millsie-J

How kind, thanks very much Jacs - I certainly was very happy (and a bit relieved that it went well!).


That's brilliant Sue, so well done to you. Lovely photo and lovely bling 😊

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Irishprincess

Yes, the medal is rather nice - something special about receiving a medal!

IrishprincessGraduate10 in reply to skysue16

Especially when you've worked hard for it.


Such a fab post! Congratulations on a great run, you should be riding high on the post run euphoria. Well done.

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Hidden

Yes, feeling good today that's for sure, particularly since I am not aching or hurting anywhere :) thank you for your kind congratulations


Brillant post Sue !

Really Well done , thats a fantastic achievement ! Its just mindblowing where just starting those first steps on W1R1 can lead us isnt it ? :-)

Fab pic, you look great ! :-) xxx

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to poppypug

Thanks a lot Poppypug! Post race photos are brilliant for capturing the atmosphere and feeling of achievement. Maybe that one needs framing so I can look at it when motivation is lacking! Yes, I never believed would be able to run 5k and now I can run twice that - non-stop......amazing!

Brilliant, Sue! Your post made me remember the lack of sleep and the faffing about in the morning of my first race :-) I am glad your kilomathon was such a lovely experience. Congratulations on doing it and on the lovely bling!

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to PippiRuns

Thank you very much :) yes, I was expecting a bit of difficulty getting off to sleep but I was awake most of the night, well at least it felt like it! I can't believe that I managed to run at all - adrenaline is wonderful stuff!


Very well done! Brilliant time too :-)

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to Katie204

Thank you Katie, it was a PB so really pleased with that. Mostly flat route though ;)


Gosh, that's an amazing tie - well done. You deserve a good rest now.

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to ancientrunner

Rested a bit today as we drove all the way home!

What an achievement skysue16 ! And a lovely mooch around Edinburgh too! Sounds like a very good day when everything just came together...xx

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to ANewMe2017

Thank very much, yes we had a lovely weekend, weather and activities, home now - rain, cold and high winds :(


Wow!!! That was a great run and a very impressive time :) Very well done to you!

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to loisamelia

Thank you loisamelia

Brilliant run Sue. Well done.

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to boogie991

Thank you very much boogie!

That really is awesome, congrats on such an accomplishment. Have you done any thought to what you want to work towards next?

skysue16Graduate10 in reply to RiceyBug

Hi Riceybug, only just found your reply! Sorry! To answer your question - I would love to run in a 10k trail event. I like being off road! Possibly aim for 10 miles but really quite happy to be able to enjoy a jog when I feel like it 😁 How about you, any plans?

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