Two months later.....and I have finally entered for the Edinburgh kilomathon (13.1 kilometres!!)

Two months ago I wrote a post asking for advice about running a 13 kilometre race in April and lots of you lovely folk advised and encouraged me to go for it. WELL..... after two months of dithering and prevaricating (and listening to pesky gremlins) the final day for entries was upon me! By coincidence the closing date for entries was the very same day a year ago that I graduated from C25k. The naughty gremlins were still whispering 'you will be sooo slow', 'you haven't trained properly', 'what if your knee starts hurting?' etc, etc. Luckily my hubby won't listen to my gremlins and on Monday morning entered me for the race!! Oh my goodness, a real proper race with chip timing, water station, pens at the start........ HELP! I read the 'Information for runners' on the website and got rather scared by the sentence 'This is not a fun run or a walk it is an endurance race....'. But, I have a plan. I ran a nice, relaxing 5k today (to celebrate my runniversary), Friday I will use 'Speed' and on Sunday do a 12k starting at 8.30 (no breakfast) as a rehearsal for the race. Next week I will do a couple of runs, probably 8k and 6k (sound ok?) before travelling to the big city on Friday. Race day is Sunday 9th!!

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  • That sounds great Sue! Well done to your hubby for entering you,I'm sure you'll enjoy it and have a good plan to followπŸ˜†

  • He was fed up with me umming and ahhing!! Exciting.....but a bit scary.

  • Good for you. It's all in the training, so if you keep up with that then you will be fine on the dayπŸ™‚

    I wouldn't attempt a 12k with no breakfast 😱 If you plan a car journey you put fuel in the tank

  • Thanks for the advice about food, maybe just something light would be ok.

  • Yes, you can do this, you are ready! I'd have a little bit of something to eat first though. Practice on your 8k and see what works for you.

    Enjoy, and tell us all about it!

  • I often run on an empty stomach, I hate that full feeling, makes me sluggish. But perhaps you are right I will need some food for a distance of 13k. Just have to wake early and have breakfast in bed!

  • Well done on entering, sounds like you have done the training. I know so much about procrastination! I have only just entered a local 10k for June and I am still nervous and excited (and maybe a tad scared). I have been running 10k since january but still it seems scary to me. I am sure you will be fine and having support from hubs will help loads. Keep up the training but I personally would try and eat something before hand. I don't do so well running without eating first!

  • Well done on achieving 10k - I never thought I could do that distance! Your race is in June - no problem, you will be fine! All the best with your training :)

  • I have proper porridge as my running fuel. Fully cooked or it gives me indigestion πŸ™‚ An hour to 90 mins before running or racing.

  • Thanks for that. Yes, porridge is really good. We will be in a hotel so a porridge pot of 'instant' will be an alternative I quite like those, just need to get the timing right.

  • Happy runniversary, and happy kilomathon when it comes. Well done!

  • Thanks Anne - feeling a bit nervous about the race. Should be out for a run this afternoon but tipping it down with rain.....

  • Oh I see. Thankfully hotels seem to do porridge these days. Phew!

  • Best wishes for it :)

  • Thanks IrishJohn!

  • You will rock it, kiddo. I'm off to prepare my pompoms.

  • Ahh, thanks - yellow pom poms please, my favourite colour ;)

  • (rummages in pompom box...)

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