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I did it! My first ever 10k race!

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So this morning was my first ever 10k race! And I enjoyed it, especially as my daughters came to cheer me on. It wasn’t easy... usually I run on a treadmill or in the park which is definitely cooler, but I made it.

I’m proud of my time too - 1hr 20mins, including slowing down for water breaks and a brief walk at 7km.

Next time I will choose a smaller race - there were 12000 people so some parts were quite congested, but it was good fun.

And I got some bling!

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Congratulations RunninginSingapore on completing your first ever 10K, running 🏃 with 10,000 other runners must be quite a spectacle event and experience for you, well done. 😊

Thank you! It was certainly busy, but what I really noticed was that runners come in all shapes and sizes!

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Your time is amazing and the fact that running with so many people can be really daunting at the best of times for most of us but especially in that heat and humidity well done. I love the bling and well done 👍

Thanks! The bling is going to be displayed somewhere very noticeable!!

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lexi6Graduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

Way to go! 👍

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Oh that’s fabulous RIS! You got some bling! 🏅 🏅 Not surprised you’re proud. 👏👏👏👏

Can’t wait for my first race - but it’s not until May. Counting the days! 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

You will ace it! I’m still slow and steady, but very gradually becoming less slow!

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Wow, fantastic, you did it, and in an amazing time, well done - nice medal 🎉👏. I thought of you last night as I was about to go to bed, you were probably getting ready to race. Enjoy your success, hope you're relaxing by a pool now or somewhere refreshing at least.

Happy running, and congratulations 🙂🌻

Thanks! Unfortunately I needed to go Christmas shopping with the girls... I did have cake though 😁

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Gran4zGraduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

Oh Christmas shopping after a 10k race, that's hard core 😎. Happy days 🎄

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Well done RIS - wow, 12000 runners! Great time in that heat 😀

Thanks! I’m looking forward to running in the uk and seeing how I get on... although I might find it a bit too cold!

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JonathanPGraduate10 in reply to Runninginsingapore

Yes - I'm about to start parkrun and it's 8 degrees in Portsmouth!

Chilly! I think it was about 26 this morning....

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Whoop whoop 🎈🎉🍾🏅congratulations to you. Your first race and bling are so special, so feel proud.That's quite a biggie so extra well done for running with so many people, not easy at times.

Fab bling, hope you're still wearing it 🙂

Thank you! It wasn’t easy, but I’m still smiling even after finishing 8 hours ago! The bling is waiting to be displayed somewhere...

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Congratulations on that super 10k race RIS, you look very happy and proud in that lovely picture!

Well done You😊xxx

Thank you! This forum is amazing, and there is no way I could have done this with everyone’s support and encouragement. And ju-ju’s plan of course!

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Well done Runnininsingapore, how brilliant was that? So nice that your family came out to cheer you on too. Yes that bling has got to take pride of place . An excellent time considering the number of runners. 🏃‍♀️👏👏🎖

Thank you! It was great that I overtook a few walkers too 😊

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Wow! Great job on your first race and a huge one at that!

Thank you!

Well done running. Great result and you’re not used to running in crowds. Enjoy the buzz 🎉🎊🎉

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Runninginsingapore in reply to

I’m still really chuffed 😊 more than 24 hours later!!

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Ohhhh well done!! 🏅🏅🏅.

Thank you!

Well done Runninginsingapore! Great job on your 10 K race and a lovely bit of bling to boot!

I think I’d be so proud I’d just wear it all the time and say to random people “...oh what this old thing... yes, this was from when I smashed a 10K in Singapore!!! 🇸🇬 “

😁👏 Good job!

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Runninginsingapore in reply to

That would be great wouldn’t it! I think I’ll hang it up at home though... safer too... I wouldn’t want to lose it!

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Well done RS :)


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Ace bling! 🏆

Congrats on making it to your first 10k!



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