20K today!

20K today!

Although it was still 21C at 5:30AM, it felt much cooler than it has been because when the sun rose over the ocean horizon it was covered by cloud - I even ran without a cap today for the first time ever and found it to be much more comfortable without a hot sweaty hat on my head!! :) I am starting to feel a lot more confident about my HM in early April- I almost ran my HM PB pace today by myself!! Usually the race atmosphere makes me run faster and I struggle to keep pace up when by myself. BUT - the GPS trace looks a bit higgledypiggledy today so the pace may not be accurate

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  • Brilliant, Bazza. You'll have no problems with your HM next month. And your time over that distance is also brilliant. Hope I'm running like that at your age!

  • Really Well done Bazza , yep that should do wonders for your confidence going into your HM .

    A very good run ! :-) xxx

  • Brilliant stuff Bazza - I reckon you'd be set to do that HM tomorrow! Well done.

  • I have got one more longrun of 22 k to do and then a 9 day cruise in the South Pacific as a new type of taper period before the event :)

  • Now that's what I call tapering :)

  • Sounds a great run, brilliant. The tapering sounds good ;)

  • That sounds a wonderful run Bazza. Go you!

  • That's a great run Bazza, well done! You should feel confident about the race with this one in the bag already.

  • Brilliant run Bazza, you are so well prepared for that race!

    Love the new tapering technique, if I ever do a HM i think I shall adopt that approach ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Great Bazza! Well done! I where a cap all the time now, being thin on top and past skin problem on the face with sun damage on the scalp, I'd rather not wear one though! but a good job they can be washed..

  • Really brilliant Bazza, great stuff. As far as the cap is concerned, have tou thought of a buff? I believe they protect against UV...you too davelinks

  • Buff????

  • A buff is a sort of tube of fabric, you can wear it in lots of ways, some people call it a snood


  • Got it!! Unfortunately here in sub-tropical Queensland, that would become a wet sodden blanket in about 5 minutes !! :)

  • Apparently they are long enough that you can turn it round and the soggy end dries out, then you turn it back again...bit of a fiddle...

  • Have seen the buff my cap is a sunhat +50 UPF

    Thanks curly ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Wow, Bazza, that's a fantastic pace for that distance and that temperature! What intervals were you using? The profile is very regular - did you set your watch, or do you count? Most impressive!

    Love the tapering! You'll be ready for your HM, no problem.

  • 75secs/30secs ratio - I used a Gymboss beeper.

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