18K today using 1klm run/100 metres walk

This is actually the most amount of running that I have done - I walked for 1.8k of this "run" and ran for 16.2K . Normally when training for a HM I use small ratios but I was finding that they seemed to lower my non-stop running "endurance" . My form did get a bit ratty after 15K but I managed to finish the final 3K without losing too much pace. I started out at 5.30AM and it was nearly 22 C then, so after a couple of hours with a brilliantly clear sky the sun was beginning to get quite fierce. Must have been around 26C by the time I finished the run. I managed to average 7:30 per k - the starting temperature for my PB HM was only 8C so I am thinking that the pace of this training run today will have to be my "summer" PB if I can maintain it for another 3.1K during my race in April.

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  • Wow! Go you Bazza. That's brilliant, especially in those temperatures.

  • Great run Bazza. You are so disciplined in your running but I love the fact that each of your runs has a purpose! πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»πŸƒπŸ»

  • They say that all of our runs should have a specific purpose - even if the purpose is to have no purpose :)

  • Bazza - that's brilliant. You deserve to feel very proud - that's some achievement.

  • That sounds like a marvellous result Bazza, and really good average speed. When you think of it, it's amazing how little (measured in time) the walking break costs. Well done you! And in that heat as well.

  • Wow, well done, that's truly impressive πŸ˜€

  • That's impressive, Bazza1234 , not just for the increase in running but for the pace and the temperatures! If I ever up my distance I will consider this approach - but for now, I need to focus on being more consistent at 10k.

  • That's interesting... Being a bit tired last weekend I went out for a 10k with 1k running and 1 min walking interval which I found OK. Did the 100 meters walk give you enough time to "recover" and did you try to keep up a good walking pace??

  • Yes - I think that the 1 minute walking rest was plenty of time - could probably even be reduced. I am thinking that perhaps these longer run/walk ratios (1klm/1mi is around 6.5/1 for me) are indeed more tiring and slower overall than short ratios like 60secs/30sec and can therefore understand why people choose to use these short ratios. BUT - for me they seem to destroy my ability/will to run non-stop and this is why I have been trying longer ratios out. My single most important aspect of my running is parkrun, everything else is subservient ( even though still important) to that.

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