parkrun today has given me hope

One of the tests I have given myself to achieve before even thinking about restarting running (now after 4 months) is to walk for 30 minutes as fast as possible without pain. The second test is to be able to jump up and down on the one leg ( the hurt one).

Up until a month or so ago, I couldn't even complete the parkrun 5K at any pace - but recently I have walked it in 59 minutes and then 54 minutes. Today I power walked it in 41:55. I am not a good walker - probably a worse walker than I "was" a runner :) and I wouldn't have dreamed of being able to walk parkrun in this time. And moreso now without any pain at all. My feet and legs were complaining - but not about a fractured metatarsal - just complaining about lack of use :)

Feeling much more positive about it all now with still another 4 weeks to go to my final x-ray.

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  • Excellent, really pleased to hear the recovery is going well Bazza!

  • That's great Bazza and all sounds very promising.

  • Great news! Well done Baz. You must be chuffed about that. Hopefully, you'll soon be back to running

  • That is good news πŸ˜€ and wow, what a great time for walking 5k, brilliant!

  • Marvellous new. That some time for a walk. Onwards and upwards then.

  • Really good news Bazza, I admire your dedication ( and I know how frustrating that slow return to fitness can be!) Good luck.πŸ™‚

  • Wow Well done Bazza! :) Have you thought of starting with treadmill running on a gradient? Low pace, low impact and it will get you tired :) all the best with the xray!

  • Yes - I have wondered about maybe using a treadmill. However I will probably restart by doing short length run/walk intervals and I find doing those difficult on a treadmill.

  • Now going on for almost 24 hours since the parkrun yesterday - no pain to speak of in the foot. I am convinced that the Doc will tell me in 4 weeks time, that my foot is healed "clinically" but not healed "radiographically" ( in other words the fracture will still show on the x-ray) . Time will tell.

  • You're well on the way to your comeback, Bazza! And that is a great time for 5k walking. I sometimes do easy, recovery runs at that speed! I'm sure the doctor will give you good news (x-fingers).

  • Yes -- that is not unexpected to me :) I often tell people to walk as fast as they possibly can for a while and then to change gait and launch into a jog just a little bit faster then they were walking. This is then their slow easy jogging pace. It is actually easier to run at this slow jogging pace that it is to walk as fast as you can go. I found my fast walk at parkrun yesterday over 5K to be very hard and exhausting. But it was a test that I wanted to do because if I could not do that painlessly then I couldn't even think about running.

  • Brilliant news Bazza.

    That must be a great confidence booster.

    Keep it up, we are all rooting for you.

  • Good news Bazza - best of luck for the final X-Ray

  • That's great news Bazza, really pleased for you xx

  • Good news Bazza. That fracture has been such a long old road for you.

  • Great news! You're on your way back now...😊

  • That's really good news Bazza and a good time (faster than I managed this week whilst supposedly running on the slow death slope of Sheffield Hallam parkrun).

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