Run 1 of Bridge to 10k ✔️

Like many of us C25K graduates, I've decided to push myself a little more, both to improve my time at 5k and also to increase my distance. I wasn't entirely certain that I am capable of 10k but thought I'd give it a shot.

To ring the changes I decided on a completely different route to my usual routes, so had to do my warm up exercises, then jump in the car and drive 5 minutes to my nearby retail park car park. Hubby suggested i put the heating on full pelt to ensure I kept my muscles warm, which was most thoughtful of him (today his inner gremlin was obviously not at home or was sleeping - as one day last week he dissuaded me from running altogether).

I decided to take Sam Murphy as my running buddy, having had her recommended by Miss Wobble, and the kind AndyD providing me with link to a Onedrive folder where I could find her. So off we set, and I was so glad for the warning about the volume of her prompts in this initial podcast. I was fine for the first 5 minute's walk and then I heard a faint murmur over the sound track and assumed it was external sound. About a minute or so later, I realised that it was probably Sam, gently encouraging me to start the first 10 minute run. Yikes... so I started into my first run a little late, but no less enthusiastic. And I decided to keep an eye on the time as well as listen out carefully for any further murmuring in order to get my first 1 minute walk in in time.

It worked out quite well, and the tracks that Sam had chosen to run to made a welcome change from "You and Julie", which I'd definitely had enough of. The route I ran along I haven't used since Week 4 Run 3 of C25K, and it was good to enjoy different scenery and see how much further I got at the midpoint of the run before turning back. In fact I should have carried on a little further as on completing the 4th 10 minute run and slowing into the final 5 minutes cool down walk, I realised I was far too close to the car park. I got to my car with several minutes left to walk and was reduced to marching round the car park, while shoppers in Next and ToysRUs gazed at me with curiosity.

Eventually I was able to finish off with some stretches against my car, and it was only when I caught sight of myself in the rearview mirror I understood the concerned expressions on the shoppers faces. I looked like a wild woman, red face, sweaty short, wind tousled hair etc. Not such a pretty sight! But I completed Week 1 Run 1 and my running app tells me I covered 9.2km in total, so I'm feeling pretty chuffed with myself.


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  • Go you! I am reduced to sitting at home watching everybody else go out and run.

  • Well done! That's a great distance aswell - you're almost at 10k already! I did the programme in autumn, but for some reason stopped with 2 runs to go. I found the music good, but the runs in the later weeks quite tough. And I tended to only do one of the longer runs each weekend, which really dragged it out. Enjoy!

  • Thanks, the distance included he ground covered in my warm up and cool down walks so didn't really run 9.2km. But there's hope. 🤓

  • You don't do 10k to start with. You finish up doing 10K. As with C25k it's progressive. She will get you there don't worry. Don't worry if you find it tough. It is! I got bogged down on week 4 but I repeated it a bit and finally pushed through. The music is inspirational and could save you when the going gets tough. The Shakira track always makes me laugh. I was unfamiliar with a lot of the tracks but find I love them now, well most of them

    I always take Sami when I got out running with music as it never fails to hit the spot

    Have fun! Take care. Go steady! This is a critical time in your running so take it easy.

  • Great advice - thanks, I'm taking that on board too!

  • Thanks Miss Wobble. I wasn't expecting to do 10K at the start, I didn't even think I'd be able to do it at all... even at the end of the programme. That's why I was so chuffed with the distance I covered this morning. I realise it's progressive as you say.

    Thanks for he advice about taking it steady. I certainly will. 😀🏃🏽‍♀️

  • Wow - great distance, well done. I love your description of the 'wild woman'! I wanted to try that podcast but had nightmares trying to download it. I didn't have a One Drive account so that caused a problem, then after sorting that out and downloading the podcasts (so I thought) they wouldn't open/play in the forest (no internet so I suppose I didn't fully download them!). I wonder if AndyD might be able to help! ;)

  • I too struggled to download them, and as a complete technoidiot I didn't really know what I was doing. I managed to create a OneDrive account so I can access them, and I assume I was playing it through the internet connection as I couldn't find an option to add them to MyMusic on my very old iPhone 4.

    If you work out how to do it, please share hints and tips with me. 😁

  • Technoidiot! Ha, ha I am definitely one of those!

  • Well done covered a lot of distance in that 40 mins😊..I think this plan will suit you. The Sam Murphy music is fun, and now you know to really listen for that first prompt you will be fine. If you are going to do each run three times as she suggests maybe throw in extra rest days as you will be increasing your running time considerably and don't want to overdo it and get injured as the others have said.

    I am due to start the 3 x 18 mins week, but as I have been 'off sick' with a chesty cough will try building up with some shorter runs first. As doing three long runs in a week is hard I tend to do 2 and throw in a 30 min run with Laura if I get time.

    Sounds like you are more than capable of reaching 10k, so good luck and enjoy it.😊

  • 3x18, 🙀sounds like a mission, but I'm sure you must be ready for it. Good luck.

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