Erm... hello?

Remember me? I'm the one who disappeared off the grid about two months ago :(

Sorry about that - work was absolutely mad and I had 5 back-to-back business trips where I arrived home from the airport, went to bed, got up the next morning, picked up my next suitcase and left for another airport or hotel. Sadly there wasn't much running involved.

So there I was in late December, fatter than I had been for two years thanks to hotel living and lack of exercise, and realising that the London Winter Run was staring me down from a distance of... 7 weeks. Eeek! Looking at the calendar, I hadn't run for two whole months. Not good.

Back to basics, then. I think I managed 20 minutes on my first run - just. And nearly 20 minutes on my second. But it has got better. I'm using a Bupa plan this time (I've abandoned Nancy, because MyAsics told me I couldn't do 10k in 6 weeks in less than 90 minutes, and I reckon I can), starting at Week 4 now. Tomorrow morning I will be running around the flat bits of Carsington Water for 40 - 50 minutes non-stop. So says Bupa, anyway. They have a nice hospital near here as well, just in case I need it afterwards.

I have missed all your adventures, and I'm sorry I haven't been cheering you on, and commiserating where necessary. It's still all a bit hectic but I shall do my best to keep up. Happy running to all of us this year. May we stay injury-free, and enjoy ourselves, and for those who can't run, may you recover swiftly.

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  • Welcome back Anniemurph and glad you are getting back to your running! The London Winter run looks fab - good luck with your training!☺

  • Thank you, Sandra. I only entered the LWR as a bit of fun but of course now it has turned serious! There will be more Beyonders to meet up with though so that will be fun :)

  • Hey you ! Welcome back..lovely to hear from you xx

    You haven't missed much, not where I am concerned..only a new breaking a couple of ribs...nothing much🙂

    Only joking..I was at Carsington, the day before Willow was born...28th Oct....I did a very slow run...and thought of you !

    Have a great run...slow and steady xxxx

    Glad you're back!!!

  • Oooh, congrats and welcome to Willow :)

    Broken ribs? Nasty :( I hope they are healing well and you are looking after yourself?

    I am expecting Carsington to be Siberian but I will grit my teeth and do it - slowly!

    It's nice to be back - thank you! xx

  • Willow is a joy... ribs.. all healed... thank you.. almost back on form :)

    Carsington will be.. challenging! But, we love challenges don't we ? x :)

    Happy Running!

  • Of course you're back on form!

    Carsington was less Siberian than expected, but I had forgotten (how could I?) that the *only* flat bit is the dam wall. Even the car park has slight undulations :D I ended up running from the Visitors' Centre out to Millfields car park, then back along the dam wall and out towards Sheepwash until it got proper hilly (not far then :D ) and back again, and round the car park until the Garmin said 50 minutes and 6.5k :D

  • is un-flat it is!!

    Well done you xxxx

  • Welcome back! You'll be back into it in no time - the only problem is the extra weight makes you slower. Enjoy your long run!

  • Thank you! Yes, I am on a mission to drop 4lbs now before the LWR which will help a bit, I hope! The run this morning went reasonably well, thank you :)

  • Hello you, welcome back, you have been missed. You'll be ready for the Winter run don't worry. Just think of my chocolate cake at the end. Ok it won't help your waistline but you will of earned it. Rfc x.

  • OOOOOH, CHOCOLATE CAKE!!! Ahem. That will be delightful. I shall look forward to that.

    :D :D :D

    Thanks, Rfc, it's good to be back, and I shall do my best to struggle along until I get there - and struggle round on the day!

  • Look out for the Great Northern Diver!

  • There were loads of people with seriously large cameras and tripods etc. I did ask one chap (on my cool-down walk) but he said it normally sits in the middle of the water :D

  • I saw one there a few years ago, quite close to the dam wall - but only because I asked the better birders what was about. I had mistaken it for an especially pointy cormorant.

  • Wooohooo lookie who's back! (Mfam happy-dances around the kitchen). Glad to see you back on the forum, and you'll kick that 10k's butt girl.

  • Ha ha, thanks, Mfam! :) I would happy-dance with you but I am tired after my run :D Never mind, another four weeks and I will be 10k-ing around London - woohoo!

    It's great to be back, and I am so chuffed by all these welcome-back messages

  • Welcome back Annie!

  • Thanks, BTYD - it's great to be back again!

  • Welcome back - good luck with the training. Of course you can do it in the time you have!

  • Thanks, AR - what would MyAsics know anyway? Pah! :D

  • Welcome back m'dear. Good luck with the training -of course you can do it :)

  • Thanks, AM - it's lovely to be back :) Thanks also for the encouragement. I'll do my best! :)

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