Lovely day for it!

Nice little run along Southsea seafront today, couldn't have picked a better day. The Sun was out in all its glory, but even though it was a bit chilly it was just perfect for a run. Mind you I did have to dodge the traffic on the promanade as there was so many people out today, can't blame them though as the seafront looked so inviting! Happy running all! 😎

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  • Sounds lovely FrankπŸ™‚! I ran last night, in the dark, but there is something very invigorating about a chilly long as you keep moving! πŸ™‚

  • I did enjoy it today and finished off my morning by meeting my wife in the coffee cup for cake and a cuppa. Are you ok with running at night?

  • I am Frank, as I live in a pretty safe area and tend to go out as soon as I can after work, so not too late. I bought a fantastic Kalenji chest light from Decathalon to light my way, and off I plod around the local streets! You gotta get out there haven't you?! Can't wait for my weekend long run, in daylight and on the trails though - haven't quite plucked up courage to do that in the dark yet, despite thinking it would be good as long as I stuck to the bridleways!! One day maybe?πŸ™‚ Happy running!

  • Sounds like the south coast was lovely today!

  • It was today, I'm glad I made the most of it. 😊

  • We had the best of the weather today Frank!lovely!😊

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