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Is there a 5 - 10k podcast?

Hi all,

Just recently graduated from C25k a couple of weeks ago. I've just been running between 2.5m and 5ks since then. I'm looking at the Couch to 5k+ which seems to be more speed related, which would be ok as I'm not the fastest! I was wondering though if the NHS ever made a bridge to 10k program or should I be looking at other podcasts for that? I'd rather work on distance and let the pace increase on its own.

I've searched the forum but it looks like there's only old posts that mention one.

Any advise appreciated :o)


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Couch to 5K+ has one speed, one stamina (ie longer) and one 'stepping stones' (don't ask me what that is, although I've done it!) but it is all based on the technique of running to a beat. The NHS doesn't do a 10k programme which makes sense really - the NHS C25K is about health goals and you don't need a 10k run for that (although many of us find a profound satisfaction in the longer runs which is jolly good for us). Lots of people do the Sami Murphy Bridge to 10k programme which seems to work for those who have done the NHS podcasts to get to 30 minutes.

I got to 10k just by increasing distance mostly, although interval work is a help in achieving that goal (ie if you are a bit faster you get to the distance sooner!) I didn't use a programme in the end or even a system, just picked various routes and eventually to the point where I ran 5k out on a linear route so I had to go back 5k one way or another so might as well run.



Thanks for the info. I\ve looked up Sami Murphy's program and that looks quite good so I'll maybe try that. I've tried the C25k + today actually, it's supposed to get you running faster but I found the cadence was too slow for me so I'll probably not do that again (although the nice slow pace was quite enjoyable!).

I quite like the idea of running a couple of faster shorter runs during the week then a long run at the weekend which increases 10% each week. That might fit in with the schedule quite well. I'll check out Sami's ones more closely then.

Thanks again :)



I'm doing the Sami Murphy programme. It's difficult to get long runs in during the week so it tends to be just one run from the programme at the weekend. Which is dragging it out. If I have some time off I try to squeeze another long run in during the week. I think the programme might be quite difficult for a recent graduate - unless they're a real natural - because it does ramp up the time quite quickly. For instance, the first run is 4x 10 mins. I'm finding it difficult, but doable. And I'm not a natural by any means! Good luck with whatever you decide!


Hi Jay,

I know what you mean about fitting the longer runs in. My C25K routine was Sun-Tues-Thurs which worked really well for me but not that I'm looking at longer runs the weekdays will be tricky. Partly due to fitting them in after work so having dinner much later and partly because I'm relying on my partner to see to the kids for longer :/

I'm thinking having 2 x 30 min runs during the week and making my Sunday one a longer one will work better for me too. Still, it's a nice problem to have since when I started running I didn't have to worry about running too long!!! I think I'd be ok with 4 x 10 mins as I can go 35 mins + with not too much problem, apart from a bit of runner's knee. Will have to wait and see.

Also, I wonder if anyone here has joined a running club for the darker nights? Not sure if I'd be a bit intimidated by all the 'proper' runners :)


I know PippiRuns joined a club not long after graduating. And she's taken off like a rocket🚀 But she's based in Copenhagen.


I can really recommend joining a running club, imonk, it is fantastic! To me it is like having an in-real-life version of HealthUnlocked. I learn som much from them, and I get so much motivation out of being with my peers. I have registered for a half marathon next summer with two of the other beginners. We will get there together.

I suggest you find a club that has a beginners team because even though we have graduated we are still beginners in comparison to the runners who have been at it for years, and it is not going to be fun to run with others if you can't keep up.


Rocketgirl (thank you, JaySeeSkinny)

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