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Hi all, new C25k grad here. I am v slow and not young and have so far only run 5k once at Parkrun and took nearly 45 mins. Which was brilliant. Have done a few pleasure runs as advised: vg. But they are getting shorter and I can feel the mojo slipping. I have downloaded the stepping stones podcasts which I may look at sometime. And (thanks OldFloss) I have a paper printout of Zero to 10k Hero. Which looks good but I need a voice in my ear.

Ideally, I've decided id like a set of Couch to 10k podcasts over, say, 18 weeks which is similar to the Laura C25k. I just really found the C25k system easy to manage, physically and technically. I have tried myasics and zenlabs versions of C210k and they don't really float my boat. I understand the NHS has decided against a c210k version as beyond its remit??!

Incidentally I don't actually want to run 10k - particularly. I want to maintain and improve 5k and stay motivated. To do that, my simple brain thinks a further goal would help. I might simply revolve round C25k again. Any ideas, views?

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  • Then keep listening to Laura! She's hard to beat isn't she. The week 9 podcasts are actually 40 minutes long if you include the warm up and cool down. So for a while after graduating I stuck with running the week 9 30 mins podcast (consolidation) then slowly started running from the very start of the warm up, and eventually convinced myself to keep going after she'd said "stop" right to the end of the cool down (stretching towards 5k 'proper'). Personally I didn't get on with the c25k+ stepping stones etc, but others have got on with them very well, and it's worth remembering that shorter interval runs still have their place even now you've graduated. It's a big leap for most of us going from 30mins to 5k - as your post demonstrates this is actually a 50% increase (or more for some!). So I would consolidate where you're at for now. Laura won't mind chatting to you a bit longer. And maybe parkrun can become a regular habit too :)

  • Thanks - maybe I'll adopt what you did. With the added fillip that I haven't yet listened to Laura as I used Sarah Millican on the app! I can then find out why people have an uneasy relationship with the music ๐Ÿ˜‰. Would still like a structure as described though. Thanks Ruth! Hope you're enjoying your canal running.

  • I do recommend Laura and I really don't mind the Julie song that much. I know some people find it infuriating though! Whereas I found some of the c25k+ music very suspect, a bit too house-music-y, and I really couldn't align my running to the beats etc... I heard the Sarah Millican podcasts are very good though. She wasn't around back in the day when I did my c25k 2.5 years ago! But things evolve :)

    I think maybe address why you want the structure. Is it for motivation (try booking your runs into your diary), is it because you like a serial soundtrack (maybe listen to an audiobook one chapter per run instead), or is it because you've got addicted to the 'achievement' of keeping on increasing distance - in which case maybe think of other things to 'achieve' - new routes, parkrun results, developing a 3xruns/week regular rhythm, keep going through your first winter, etc :)

  • I downloaded the active 5/10 k app. I didn't like Laura cos couldn't stand the music. Haven't used it yet but might start after holiday. I am just running a little further this time. This week I am going to concentrate on running longer with quick! bursts so that I can start running quicket

  • Thanks Kim. I will have a look for it.

  • I know what you mean, I struggle listening to my own music as it can be too fast or too slow. I tried the Sammi Murphy podcasts but didn't really like them.

    I am using the Audiofuel Polyrunner podcasts. They are in 10 minute sections so you can do as many as you want. I started with Polyrunner 160 (160 bpm) then when I could do 60 minutes moved onto Polyrunner 162 then 164. I haven't completed the hour for 164 yet.

    Today I did the full hour (plus 2 minutes) of 162 which got me to 8km.

    You don't have continuous commentary, just "Feet to the Beat" at the start of every 10 minutes, with an update every five minutes.

    Here is the link

  • Brilliant- I'll have a look

  • This is a better link

  • Thanks. So if I understand my current PB of 9min/k I could (if I could last an hour) do just over 6k in an hour. But that would be at a cadence below 160 - I am guessing 150 or so? A lot to learn for a plodding bear! I think this has moved my plan forward (in my head at least) - next goal and method yet to emerge from the grey matter.

  • I didn't really think about it when I first got it, I just set off to run in 10 minute increments (you get an optional one minute walk between each). Most times I actually run at least 10 minutes more than I set myself when I stepped out of the door! So no pressure but I found it really suited me and I was improving my speed and time gradually.

  • I forgot to say that if you don't have itunes you can buy it from Amazon

    PS: beware of "I don't actually want to run 10k - particularly" It may sneak up on you. I was exactly the same, but what have I done? Signed up for a 10K. Only because it is nearby, I have walked the route many times and it is not too hilly. Yikes!

  • Same here. When I joined the Bridge to 10k forum I was upping my game from 5k to 6k and was completely happy at that. But it's a short hop from there to 10k. It just happens... Somehow...

  • It does.... it really does... it just evolves :)

  • Ha ha! I am as likely to fly to the moon as run 10k! I just want that lovely incremental excitement that I enjoyed in C25k. I haven't got time to run 10k - at 90 mins and counting (IF I could do it without DYING) id then need 2 days to recover and would have to employ staff to clean, shop and cook. Do you guys really just drop the odd 10k into your average week??? ๐Ÿ˜‰ really ?

  • I remember saying that I would never do 10K..... hmm...

  • Interesting thread - thanks for all the comments and links everyone. I need to get back to longer distances after a very busy summer, so will try the 10k podcast suggested by RunaroundSue - thanks! Gillma I like the c25k+ podcasts, particularly speed and stamina. I gradually increased my distance by running through the warm-up and cool-down, like Ruth_canal_runner. Best of luck :)

  • Thanks Skyesue - I haven't ruled the C25k+ out now you've said that. Am imagining you running on Skye!

  • I have posted a few photos of my runs, have a look - I am very lucky. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Hi Gillma

    I run about the same speed as you and, honestly, don't imagine I will EVER get a 30 min 5k. Post graduation I have focussed on just running 3 x 5k per week. It means some time commitment but if I wasn't running, I would need to walk the dog anyway.

    So this really weird thing has happened. I run 2 runs of 5k, sometimes easily and sometimes it's more of a challenge, and then the 3rd run, I run really slowly and see if I can go further. Most recently this was 8k (5 miles!!). I don't set the goal but just sort of get to 5 and think could I run another?

    I think as a woman of a certain age, I will never be fast but there are moments when I just feel like I could just keep going. I see these as my Forest Gump moments!

    I am also a big fan of audio books as these make long, slow runs much more doable.

    I think it takes a time to find the path that you want to follow, but I am sure you will soon have a plan that absolutely works for you :)

  • Thanks so much helenwheels! That IS inspiring. I think I have to stop faffing about and (usually silently) shrieking and just get on with it. Wall to wall visits and visitors from now to mid- Sept so time will be a real challenge. Will just have to roll with it and digest all this valuable help.

  • What a great reply, helenwheels

    I love the reference to Forest gump! A dog is a great motivator I agree. Audio books - good idea, thanks ๐Ÿ˜Š congratulations for reaching 8k, fantastic.

  • I have started again at week one run one, slowly running the walking bits and doing the runs fast.It's a lot of fun. I don't know how far I will go with it but for now it's giving me the structure I was missing. Oh and I am getting a wee bit faster according to my Garmin.

  • Now that is an idea! And I could do it with Laura this time.

  • Yes!! I am one of the few people who like Laura's music. The tempo seems to tie in with the speed I am going.

  • I did actually use your method today - w1r1, running the 60sec intervals and jogging the 90sec ones. It felt good actually- quite challenging, too. This might work - thanks Maztink.

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