Transition from 5 to 10k

I graduated the c25k in October and have signed up to a 10k run in May. I'm looking for advice on training plans.

I have been doing 5k at least once a week since graduation (aside from Christmas week) and doing the nhs speed podcast in between. My best time for a 5k at the moment is 47 minutes so not very fast but still doing it.

I'm wondering whether to do c210k app which would mean going back to a walking break or whether to run three times a week alternating between the speed app, a 5k and a third run adding 10% onto the distance every two weeks. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  • You should get comfortable with running 5k first. Then start doing 1 longer run each week. If you add 1k per week or per fortnight you should be ready by May. Runniing for 90 minutes won't be easy.

  • Depends on what you like. I found I liked doing my own thing and last year increased one run a week by around 10%. The rest of the week's runs I kept at 5k or under, sometimes with intervals or fartleks, sometimes just a regular run. I'm increasing my distance to 10k again now, but it's pretty structureless, which works for me. Some folks like an organized plan with times and distances predetermined. And you're right, sometimes intervals seem to deflate people's motivation. Others enjoy and welcome them.

    Bottom line is you'll get there any way you choose to do it.

  • I didn't use a plan either to get to 10km I just added 0.5km a week to my longer weekend run and kept the 2 runs I did in the week as before. There are programmes that you can use but none that I looked at are as structured as C25K. I really like the Suz's 5k to 10k podcasts. It's a 9 week programme that end with an hour long run (I'm nowhere near being able to do 10k in an hour!). I like the music, it's a series of run/walks where she tells you when to walk and when to run and it includes a 5 minute warm up and cool down. You don't get the hints and tips that you get from Laura and the first few are a faint with the instructions but I still use them regularly. You can get them on itunes for free.

  • I didn't use a plan for 10K, I just worked up to it, choosing longer and longer routes from time to time (I didn't increase every time) and then went for it. But I wasn't entering an organised event... I'd just set a date with myself (well, and with RealFoodieClub's C25K Quests) for completing a 10k run.

  • Thanks for the replies guys, the advice is much appreciated. Think I'll ditch the app and just turn one run a week into a longer run slowly increasing to 10k.

  • Hi I too have signed up to do my first 10k race in May, I've already run a couple of 10k's but want to improve on my time and I've found a good plan its called my asics and you put in the time you want to achieve and the date of your race , it then comes up with a training program so far so good am enjoying the timetable and structure. May help you may not but good luck with your first 10k race I know I'm very nervous.

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