£30...for a 10k ! Blimey !

Was thinking of entering my very first event, a 10k in May at Clumber Park in Nottinghamshire. It's local, and has some stunning scenery. Then, £30 to enter ! I'm surprised at the high cost - and to be frank it has put me right off. As it is only a 10k I think that I will just find a route that I like the look of and go run it for free ! Bit of a shame, but I'm looking forward to doing a run there anyway now :)


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  • Blimey! That is expensive! What are they handing out at the end? Gold medals? Haha!

  • Yeah, seems steep! When you look at Parkrun and the mile run in London, which is free and timed...Croydon 10k is only £15 in advance, cheaper if affiliated, and £20 on the day..

  • Yep - actually I have just seen they do a Parkrun there too. Glad it's not just my tight side coming through !

  • Now I'm retired I won't & don't pay out these extortionate prices, when I can run on the planet for nothing..

  • I'll be honest I pay between £35 and £40 for my events. We have a budget for hobby/sport monies and up untill I started running I really didn't have much to spend mine on. My other half pays for his bowls subscription and I pay for 3/4 events per year. It's my fun and it works out at about £10 a month. I have saved so much more now that I don't go to the pub as often as I used to, so we both end up saving money with my new hobby. I sort of refuse to feel guilty for doing something I love. My HM in May is like the pinnacle of my season, I take a few months of less taxing training after it over the summer because work is manic then I have an event in October / November which is the start of my training season again working towards my HM.

  • I am happy to pay more for really special events, like my coastal trail HM or the London Winter run, but then try and find some cheaper ones as well. I was interested in Clumber too and like you decided not to because of the cost. I have entered two relatively local trail 10k events in the West Midlands for £12 and £15 respectively - much smaller events, but sometimes these are even nicer than the really big ones.

  • Trail events, where do you find out about them, sounds like fun LOL

  • i normally find the runnersworld events page is pretty good and has most events. you can sort by location and type of race like trail etc and distance.


  • That link is brilliant - loads of races local to me - love the symbols so you can see what type of race it is too - Thanks :)

  • Join your local parkrun page, or your local running club page on facebook. My local parkrun regularly posts about local events, and some of the bigger more spectacular events. It's also brilliant for local resources like masseurs, trainers etc.

  • Eek! I know some are pretty pricey. I have just paid £28 for the Great Bristol 10k, but I really want to run it with my sister and soak up the atmosphere (and get a little bling!) so decided to go for it this time. 🙂

  • I've entered it but did so before Christmas when it was cheaper, it's got more expensive as it gets nearer. I did it a couple of years ago and enjoyed it, it was well run with a decent technical tee, goody bag and reasonable bling. Would be a nice place to run regularly if it was nearer.

    Not much for big events - a couple of 10s and a HM a year keeps me happy, virtual running with its bling suits me if I need a spur to get out there.

  • Ah, so it sounds like you get quite a bit for your dosh there AnnieW55. I think that I will try and pick one that perhaps is a smaller event - but not just for the hardcore - and see how it pans out. Lots of events on the runners world link are only £10+, so while I don't expect a goody bag etc it could be a good introduction.

  • Yep, it can be a dear do this running lark ! :-)

    I think the GMR is £36. 00 this year , I do love this one though , so I have entered it . I also do 2 10k races in Leeds, theyre a bit cheaper and then add a few local events in .

    Blimey, I need to get a paper round at the rate Im going ! :-) I do enjoy it though so they are worth the money and when I think of all the money I mustve spent on fags over the years , they just dont compare ! :-) xxxx

  • They are pricey. I am doing a 10k in June, Half Marathin in September but generally they are costly. Not planning on doing events regularly anyway and couldn't afford it as I only work part time. We can run 10k for fun any weekend (and I do) LOL

  • If nothing else I now have a solo run planned there next week :)

  • There is a 10K in Leicester in the summer (not too far from Notts). It's £17.50. tempoevents.co.uk/running/l...

    My colleague keeps trying to persuade me to enter with him.

  • Thanks for that - the location is only about 50mins away from me so not too far at all. I can't do the date, but a great suggestion. This run is not until July so you have plenty of time for non pressurised training to get you to 10k...and you going to enter with your colleague ?

  • Some of them are very pricey indeed, but it makes it all the more painful when you don't get a lot in your goody bag at the end!

  • Mmmmmmm. My tough mudder is over £100 . I will only do it once as I was challenged .

    I must say it's why I don't do many events. Perhaps we should organise our own events. Running the courses we love. No have a great 12 km loop of a reservoir near me.

  • That seems a lot. I've just entered the Chatsworth 10K which was £18 for unaffiliated runners, and that seemed like a lot to pay for me, but it's local to me so I wanted to do it. By the time I'd bought the t-shirt and donated the admin fee it was £29 but that was my choice :) I agree, find something cheaper! Clumber is nice but not that nice! Oh - nearby is the venue I just did, Thoresby Park. They have a couple of events and that was lovely scenery, and I think they were fairly reasonable to enter. sbrevents.co.uk/events/thor...

  • For a cheap sport running can cost lots. Trainers, specialist clothing, tech and the race fees. I don't mind paying. You generally get bling, maybe a goody bag (do I really need a single portion of hair conditioner?), but you get the opportunity to run with dozens, hundreds or even thousands of other people all egging you on to get a PB. And if you choose right you do it in the most wonderful locations. I remember a few training runs like my first 10k in lanzarote, but I remember every event I've run an loved them all too. Worth every penny,

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