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I've just decided that I would like to increase my distance as I have been consolidating the distance from the Couch to 5k programme. I've tried using the Stamina podcast from the NHS but wondered if there was a programme or Podcasts similar to C25K that I could use to gradually build up the distance over three runs per week.

Any advice would be most helpful.

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  • I finally plumped for ACTIVE 5k-10k, as it works a lot like C25k complete with prompts to tell you when you should be running. It has no music of its own so I'm free to listen to what I want. (The music on the bridge to 10k podcasts set my teeth on edge.)

  • Thank you Maddee

    This app looks brilliant! I have run 10k a few times but recently my runs have been a bit random and need to get back to a regular pattern, this will really help keep me motivated. Which week are you on now?

  • Due to do the first run of W2 on Wednesday, though I think I'm getting a cold so I might have to put it on hold.

  • Oh dear - hope you feel better soon.

  • Sami murphy all the way ☺

  • Where do I find Sami Murphy? Are they podcasts? And will I need my own music?

  • Unfortunately it says "folder is blank". 😞

  • All back in place now... somehow they got deleted.

  • Thanks Andy. Now I'm not very tech savvy and just wondered how I get the files downloaded onto my phone, as I only have Internet when I'm at home on wifi, so not sure if I'll be able to play direct from your onedrive folder.

  • Its going to be best to download them onto your phone and then play them from there so you wont need internet access when out running. If you can view the list of files on your phone you should be able to download each one... Of course if you were on a PC you could Right Click and then Download.. Not sure what phone you are using but you could try to press and hold and see if you get a download option.

    Once downloaded, you should then be able to play them and hopefully they may show up with any other "music" files you have.

    Sorry, but its tricky to give advice not knowing your phone or setup.

  • Thanks AndyD :) Appreciate that. I have them downloaded and will start them at the weekend.

  • Davoda, can I just ask how you insert a link to a person in your post. I've been intrigued for some time, but can't work it out.

  • Razouski:)

    Use the @ sign & start typing the name.

  • Hi Andy, thanks very much for providing these podcasts, which I've just downloaded. Looking forward to trying the first one later!

  • Sammi Murphy podcasts are great. The prompt to run on week one is a bit quiet so listen out for it...then you will soon be building up your distances and stamina. xx

  • Week 1 is a bit quiet and it cut off on me. No matter as it's fine from thereon. Great music, much of which was new to me. I run with these podcasts all the time if I have my music on.

    5 weeks, 3 runs a week, building progressively same as C25k. She tells you what to do but she's not as chatty as Laura. Good though. She kicks ass!

  • I'm struggling to find the Sami Murphy / Sammi Murphy podcasts. The link Andy D gave says "folder empty".

    I've tried searching in google, searching iTunes and searching in my podcast app but can't seem to locate them anywhere.

  • All back in place now :-)

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