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Is there a podcast?


I’m running 5k now, graduated couch to 5k a few weeks ago and worked on getting to the 5k distance. I cannot run without the podcast, it helps pace me and my breathing so I don’t tire out so at 20 minutes I skip it back 10 minutes and am completing the 5k in a little under 40 minutes.... I have a 10k run planned for September ... is there a programme for building up run times because although I can just about bear the wk9 podcast music, listening to it twice over, three times a week will slowly drive me insane but running with my own music and no general chatter from the lovely Laura is just impossible for me. If I run with no music. I run too fast and burn myself out or throw up 🙈

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Try the C25K+ podcasts. There's Speed, Stamina and Stepping Stones. Did the latter today and really enjoyed it. Here's the link of you're interested...


A fair few of the fitness apps will provide some talk over your music (marking out the 5 minutes and the kilometres). Runkeeper has a number of coaching voice options some of which make a variety additional comments which may entertain. I'm currently with "Mademoiselle" who says "Think of all the croissants now you can eat"

Hidden's suggestion of C25K+ is also a very good one.

Same feeling about the podcast music but I loved the program!


Maybe have a go with Zombieruns! free app, you are part of the story, and whilst there is no coaching, they chat to you interuppting your own music. Quite fun.

It also tracks your distance and tells you as you do each km.😊x


Someone posted the idea of running 2 of the early Laura podcasts back to back, running slower & faster for the walk / run sections. I find that the previous podcast automatically starts playing after my current one.

Also the app, rather than the podcast, means you can combine your music with Laura’s voice apparently- although I haven’t used that, so I don’t know details. 😀

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