GSR 10km - my first 10 k

GSR 10km - my first 10 k

I completed the great Scottish run yesterday. My first official timed 10k as i am pretty sure I had done one the week before as I completed a 70 minute run as a practice but had no gadgets to measure the true distance.

My time on Sunday was 66:58. I only graduated from C25K in mid August so pleased with my progress.

I ran for chest heart and stroke Scotland as I had a heart attack in March 16. The heart attack has caused me to re-evaluate my lifestyle and created the platform for my running adventure which has turned out to be one of the most positive experiences of my life.

Need to consider what my next challenge should be.

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  • Fantastic achievement well done. Very good progress from 5 to 10k and great time!

  • That is a fantastic time for your first 10k. Many congratulations such an achievement. Onwards and upwards!!!

  • Mc Marvellous.... ! On all levels.

    A super run for a super father died from a heart attack and the causes are ones I support!

    Great that you are out there, feeling fit and speeding along... wow! Very well done.

    Onwards, upwards, and find that next challenge ? :) x

  • Brilliant time, I'd be happy with that! You need to ask for your 10K badge now...

  • Congratulations! Great achievement and a respectable time too. Now to work on cracking the hour mark!

  • Amazing time - well done!

  • Brilliant! Congratulations on your time too and fundraising.

  • Well done, that's a fantastic run especially as a new runner 😀

  • Thanks for all your lovely comments. I am feeling pretty contented after Sunday's run but slightly nervous about keeping momentum through the winter months.

  • What a brilliant acheivement oscarrun. You are an inspiration, don't think there is any danger of you losing momentum are hooked.😊

  • I did put my name on a waiting list for a local 10k at the beginning of November so perhaps I am hooked! 😀. Hopefully I will get an email in the next couple of weeks. Can also chase a PB at the park run on Saturday.

  • You are amazing ! Many Congratulations to you on a fantastic achievement xxx

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