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10 k training program

Having made a few confusing posts decided to delete them and start again

I have like quite a few on here had problems with phones watches and apps so have ordered a new running watch (Garmin vivo-active) as lost most of the records of my C25K runs,mainly due to trying to run too many devices doing different things (time .distance etc)

So hopefully with one device doing it all it will be smooth sailing .

My new plan looks like this

week 1 20 min>25 min>35 min.

week 2 20 min>30 min>40 min.

week 3 20 min>35 min>42 min.

week 4 25 min>35 min>49 min.

week 5 25 min>35 min>56 min.

week 6 28 min>35 min>64 min.

week 7 28 min>35 min>72 min.

I hope this is doable if not can always increase or decrease times or maybe if need be repeat a week .

i suppose i could do this in distance instead of time but as time worked for c25k thought i would stick to it but people here still say to concentrate on time, speed and distance will come later .

I did manage 5 k in 35 min on the c25k plan and after PB of 33 min but as others have said still a new runner and need to build up stamina not speed or distance .

Had a few weeks on the bench hip pain. have done a number of runs since to get back into it.

I have done the first run of new plan and will do the second tonight not sure if new toy will be here in time but as only running to time my watch will do .( but i would really like a record of all the stats time,distance ,speed and heart rate so that i can keep a record of my journey and maybe see my fitness improve.

any comments welcome .

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It looks fine on paper (or screen 🙂) and as you say it depends on how you feel actually doing it. There is no wriggle room for set backs like life or niggles but you can always pick it up again if you have to stop.

Just be aware that although this falls within the 10% increases not everyone can cope with increases even by that much. When I increased it was more like 5%. Also, it might be worth not increasing every week but have a week where you're either decreasing mileage or doing the same as the week before. This gives your body a bit of a rest from the constant hiking up which can lead to injury.

Good luck and keep us posted of your progress. Ain't nothing like a plan!

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Thanks Irishprincess always good to have other peoples comments and their actual experiences.

I have had one visit to the injury bench and don't want another if i can avoid it .Not sure what caused the last one was running and hip started hurting cann't remember twisting or jarring it so its possible was a result of to much to quick

Problem was no warning or pain in that area prior to that run .

So will be careful and see what happens thanks again


Make sure you stretch after every run but also every day too. It keeps everything nice 'n loose.

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Running progress is pretty hard to predict. I graduated a couple of years ago now. I kept going with three 30 minute runs a week and on a good run day, kept going to cover my first 5k in 43 minutes! For a couple of months, I didn't 3 x 5k and that was sometimes amazing when I ran like a gazelle and other runs were more like a hippo! I still feel 5k is a great basis to build on. I ran a bit further on a good day just to 5.5k!

Then I have settled into 2 x 5 and a "long run" day. I went to a 6, 7, 8 and then did a 10! It is all about seeing how my legs feel on the run and how they recover. I did have one week off due to shin pain but apart from that I run every week. Recently, I increased to 4 runs a week - 4 x 5 at first, then 3 x 5 plus a 10! If I struggle, I might introduce run-walking for a week or two but then push back up to running again. Hope your plan works for you

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As Her Majesty said about constantly increasing- Listen to your body.

Also, i take a planned 4 or 5 day break every fifth week or so. It helps with my energy levels. But it is a planned break rather than deciding the weather doesnt suit etc.

That may be something you can try if needed👍🏼

Good luck runner

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