Yeah back with a program :)

Quick post on my way to work.. just wanted to share I've ran first run on bridge to 10k :)

Was great loved knowing I had walk breaks again.. and wow they were so good, enough time for a drink a blow of the nose and wipe the eyes and focus my mind for next run :) was slow but that was deliberate..see I do listen ;)

Anyway running out of time for work as when I got in plumber arrived and had to wait nearly an hour before my shower and breakfast.. wasn't a pretty sight..

Happy running everyone x

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  • Cocaine tag? Lol It might have helped strange x lol

  • Those walk breaks are sooo good. Next time you'll know when they're coming too. 😊

    Im trying to time mine to the bottom of this stinky hill I don't want to run up.πŸ˜‰

  • Yea Jan.. Good thinking my walk breaks seemed to be at my fav down hill bits... ha ha that will quickly be remedied next run ;)

  • Well done on your first run of the program sparky66 there are a few of us doing the program at the moment, so we can keep each other motivated.

    Look forward to reading your next post ;)

  • Love the walk breaks.. :) Well done you !

  • Well done sparky66 . It is fun to be back doing a programme, isn't it? I shall be taking this really slowly though, maybe even just doing one run from this programme a week. Probably take me to Christmas! First run of week 2 on Wednesday!

  • I just said the same on another post.. was thinking trying 2 runs from it per week as I'm still a bit weary of tempting fate with my old knee injury.. plus time wise wont always be possible.. but was great thismorning feeling that determination again.. I managed 5k in the time.. a bit slow but I dont mind.. it's all about the fitness and that's definitely improving :)

    Keep posting and comparing x

  • Structured programmes with walk breaks --- That is what I like too!! :) There are run/walk programmes here - for all distances ( click on free training programmes)

  • I like the structure of a programme. Seems odd to have walking breaks after having done Laura's stamina pod but they're very welcome! Just going to start week 3 r1 but the forecast is boiling today so might delay it! I'm running very slowly in this but I'm not bothered. The goal at the moment is running for long periods. Once I can run for an hour then I can build on the distance as my legs will be strong enough then I hope!

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