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My running week (well not really)

Hi all,

My running week didn't contain any running! I had decided to take a week off. I have cycled to work this week instead. I have run for the last 18 months with only a couple of short breaks because of illness so thought after all my hard training for my triathlons that I would have a bit of a holiday. I found that strangely I have missed it! I never thought that would ever go through my head as I have always thought of running as a chore, that was before I could actually do it. So back to the 3 sessions next week with a nice gentle couple of weeks and then a winter training program that will be fairly hard work I think. I hope that you all are well and enjoying the sunshine (if you have it in your area).

Stay injury/sick free and keep on running.

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All the elite runners apparently have rest periods too so you're amongst the pros Mat! I'm sure the rest will do you the power of good.

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Good for you @Mat30 , that's a long time to go without a break , you have well and truly earned it !

Hope you come back all ready and refreshed and Good Luck with your training :-) xxx

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