The start of my running season looms

Every year since I started running I have had running seasons. Usually it is to do with getting ready for the Hackney half marathon. And the winter run. This year I don't think I will be doing either of them but my brain wants to get my legs into action. My running season starts in November till May and these months are my distance training season, then June till October is my Stregnth training season. It's something that just seems to work for me.

This year as I haven't got an event I thought I would just carry on with what I have been doing but my brain wants me to up my distance so I've decided to do a 10km training plan and see how I get on with that,. It's sort of interval training but upping my distance with the speed I have been working towards over summer.

I just find it strange that from 4 years ago a total non runner I have this inbuilt calendar my body clock has taken too. It must have something to do with wanting to be out there in this weather because the feeling to get out there for longer has got stronger as the temperature has dropped, also work eases off a bit in the winter and I have a little more spare time.

Quit excited to start a new plan tomorrow.

Happy healthy running to you all.

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  • Hi RFC, exciting times indeed. There has been much talk of plans recently -there must be something in the air! I'm coming towards the end of a 10k plan, not for any specific event but to try fulfill this year's New Years resolution. mfamilias, Curlygurly2, misswobble and (I think) Noaky12 are all embarking on new plans too. Are you going for any specific distance or are you just looking to gradually increase your milage? x

  • I have been working on my speed all summer so now I want to take that and see if I can still keep that up as I increase my distance, not really been running more than 5km, got into the habit of a 2.5km warm up and warm down, so now I will build up to all running hopefully, but it will depend on my HR it has been behaving itself recently.๐Ÿ˜€. What are you going to do at the end of your plan Go further? I must admit I forgot how different it feels to have a plan. I do like a tick box. ๐Ÿ˜€

  • You're a woman after my own heart, Gotta love ticking a box! Suspect I'll start another 10k plan next as I've really really enjoyed this one. Curly and Mfam are both going for 10miles, so that's a possibility, but suspect I should consolidate 10k first. However, my hubby did mention in passing that he might like to start running, so that would throw everything up in the air. I suspect that throwing in a couple of fartleks each run would protect your speed as you start working on distance again. x

  • Sounds good RFC. Its good to have a plan! @AncientMum is right re the various plans on the go. Mfam & I are both heading towards 10 miles & then HM. Mfams is sooner than mine but we're both giving it a go. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Good luck with yours & enjoy! xx

  • 10 miles that's a long one. Do you train in km or miles? I know training for my HM I stuck to km because my brain woks out km's. I can look and see a 0.5km so it pushes me forward. Good luck.

  • I do a bit of a combination tbh. My gramin is set to miles because somehow 3.1 miles sounds less than 5K, but mentally I flip between the 2.. I may go into KM for longer runs as you feel like you're making more progress. ๐Ÿ˜†

  • How about a 16 week plan for a "no race" --- This Jack Daniels plan is part of his "Running for Fitness" series of plans - a good mix of easy running, tempo and intervals mixed with longruns up to an hour. I use it in conjunction with his training pace calculator here -- I use my most recent parkrun PB as the guide to use to generate the 3 training paces - easy , tempo and long. I juggle it around a little - using parkruns on most weeks as simple non-stop long tempo training runs and increase the longruns over one hour by using Galloway run/walk intervals. We are planning on a trip to the UK next Spring - so I am not sure what to do between now and then - I might see what the earliest HM around early April is and see if I can squeeze that in before the trip.

  • I'll have a look at those. I must admit I chose my plan from the simple fact I have an old iPhone and it's one of the only ones that works with ios7. Hehe not a very knowledgeable way to choose I know but it's back to intervals again which over the summer I have been been doing 1km run/walks. The good news is that my heart rate is behaving itself and staying at a nice level. The plan is the first week in Jan to try and do a continuous run 5km parkrun. Before summer my 10km training was 1:28 so it will be interesting to see what I get to with the summer work once I build up to it again. Happy running.

  • Good luck RFC enjoy your new plan. ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you.

  • Sounds very exciting... I wish I could get a bit more focussed really. I am very much in the habit of a fastish 3k, then a 5K , and around 8 or 9K Have not done another 10 K yet.

    My favorites, are the 5Ks.. so I think I would maybe like to build up speed.. I do enjoy running quite quickly.. but cannot maintain it.

    Currently, I am enjoying toddling along and watching everyone else's amazing adventures.. :)

  • I know what you mean. I felt a bit aimless over summer. I'm missing my events but I'm hoping that this will help to give me the buzz I'm lacking. I think what I miss the most is the sense of achievement a training plan can give. I like one that is an app so it notices if you don't tick the box off, it's like a quite personal trainer on your non running days๐Ÿ˜€. Over the summer I have built up my speed quite a lot, I've nearly knocked 1min of my km time. At first it was just for little spurts but over the month I've added to it, I started by just picking up the pace at the end of a 5km, I would do two or three flat outs in the last km and that was a great feeling to end my run on. It makes you feel like a kid again.๐Ÿ˜€.

  • PS

    Happy healthy Runs for you too, RFCx

  • Awww thank you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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