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8k - progressing too fast?

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Maybe some of you remember I posted about a run with my father-in-law? I had just graduated and I went for a 30 minute run with him (he's a seasoned runner who runs 10k without blinking). I did it, but felt dishearted by the fact that I was so slow and could barely run 4k.

That was in May I think, now it is two months later and this morning I went running with him again.

We are in Sweden and we ran in the forrest. I startled a deer and it shocked me when it ran out on the path right in front of me.

Well, the best thing was that not only could I almost keep up with my father-in-law, I also just kept running and did a whooping 8k, a distance I was not planning to do until mid September ๐Ÿƒโค๐Ÿƒ

My longest run before was 5.5k and I was only planning to run 6.5k maybe 7k today, but by the time we reached 7k I was still feeling great and there was 1k home. I'm a bit tired now, especially in my hips, and I am wondering if I have progressed way too fast...

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Difficult to say so early after your dash. Carry on with your progressive plan as you are still building your running legs. Vary the distances. It's not all about further. Shorter, quicker runs are good too๐Ÿ˜Š

PippiRuns in reply to misswobble

I'm a bit surprised, but my legs are still feeling good. I think you are right though, and next week's long run will 'only' be 7k :-) I only do one long run pr week. I run once or twice with my running club, and that is 3.5-5 k including lots of fast intervals, hills, strength training and fun :-)


This is the adventure of running! Sometimes it feels amazing and we do more, other times, it feels like a slog and feels like we have lost it. It is all about your goals, adjusting distance, speed, rest to keep injury at bay. I progressed from 5 to 10 and even did a 15 and entered for a half marathon in September. Still ran regularly but my calves started hurting while running and although I still went out three times a week, I struggled to do 5k again. Just trust yourself, I am again building fitness and confidence and experiencing the excitement of pushing myself and having fun while running!

PippiRuns in reply to JoolieB1

I would hate to progress so fast that I injure myself. I am taking a couple of days rest and a short run on Tuesday :-)

JoolieB1Graduate10 in reply to PippiRuns

Good idea. Rest days are a good way to see if your legs are ready for some more


That sounds like a fantastic run - well done! I agree with misswobble though - it is often the cumulative effect of too much too soon that catches us out, so just be a little aware of not racking up too many km too soon! The 10% rule of only increasing total weekly mileage by 10% is a good time of thumb. Having said all that, I think you can be rightly proud of your 8k, and I bet your father in law was impressed! Good luck!โ˜บ

PippiRuns in reply to Sandraj39

It was a fantastic run. Beautiful surroundings and good legs :-) I promise to be sensible - taking a couple of rest days now and a short, quick run with my running club Tuesday.

It takes more than 8 slow kilometers to impress my father-in-law, but he is happy to have someone in the family who shares his love for running. The first thing he said when he saw me was "Did you bring your running kit?" :-)

Sandraj39Ambassador in reply to PippiRuns

Thats lovely - and I bet he was impressed really!!โ˜บ


Yay! Well done and what a wonderful boost to the ego - no amount of money can buy that.

PippiRuns in reply to Hidden

Yay! It was really amazing and I'm still sort of surprised that I actually did 8k. Me... I was out of breath after 3 minutes of running just 6 months ago. What a difference!

Have a couple of shorter runs to even it out. Should be ok.

Yep, that's what I will do.


Fabulous - well done, Iben!

PippiRuns in reply to Katie204

Thank you Katie - feels great!


Great run! As you say, back to your plan now and all should be well :)

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