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‘steady’ run was fast enough!....

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Tuesday’s plan said ‘Steady Run 20mins’. Now, since C25k I’ve discovered a pace faster than the ‘old gal shuffle’ and in oppressive humidity with my running buddy that was a challenge enough.

But I now have sufficient core strength to put my socks on while stood on one leg (stop giggling - these things are important!!) and I just put that 20mins down to one of those ‘meh!’ runs.

Then we checked the records from C25k and it turns out we ran like that only in the first couple of weeks, when we only had to do 3 mins of running before a walk break! So this repeat of W5R3 was actually 1min/km faster - not too shabby!

Tonight’s plan: 10min jog. 2min Fast run / 2min jog - twice. 8min Steady Run.

FAST?! 😰 I’m gonna die! 🤣 I was gasping for air in the last 5 minutes on Tuesday and barely made it to the end. If I survive I’ll let you know how it went!

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Well done! What plan are you following?

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Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

It’s called ‘Your 5k to 10K progress’. We looked at a couple of apps and went with this as it was close to the same format as C25k, time rather than distance, and 2 shorter runs and a longer third per week, no walk intervals, and after discussion on here about speed and strength it seems to tick those boxes too. The only problem I have is hearing the instructions over my Amazon music playlist. Tried adjusting the volumes as they suggest and not got it right yet. I’m also not sure I will get to 10K by the end of the programme but will pick up juju’s magic number plan, wherever I happen to be 😁

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Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to Equi-geek

Brilliant. I hope it goes well.

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Hope it goes well!! 😁😁

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Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Ang33333

Thanks Ang!

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A whole minute per km faster is a big improvement. I had a similar one this morning - just a 3k run, which means they want you to go fast! I managed to shave about 45 seconds per km off my usual pace, but the heart rate stats weren’t pretty 😬

I still have to sit down to put my socks on mind, so I have a way to go yet 😂

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Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to telford_mike

Great running! I guess the socks will come in time - we all need something to aspire to! 🤣🤣

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Well done you! Good luck 😉 x

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Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to Dizzysmum17


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You are doing great . Real improvement 😀 good luck with your runs

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Wow, Equi-geek, that’s tonnes faster - well done!😃❤️❤️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

I’m not sure I could cope with an app that demands intervals in 3 different speeds right now. I’m trying to teach myself to slow down for the longer runs in Juju’s plan. Will maybe consider speed again more later on...oh, apart from Parkruns...😊

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Equi-geekGraduate10 in reply to mountaindreamer

Yes, I am waiting for my buddy to get changed into her running kit and we are both questioning the wisdom of that decision 🤣

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