I'm up to 47 pushups!!

I did discover the 100 pushups programme last year hundredpushups.com/ - and at that time I could only do 6 in a row - so didn't get very far with the programme. I must have gotten "stronger" in the meantime because I have returned to the prog and can now do 11 in a row - which means that W2D1 gets me doing sets of 9,11,8,8,11 with 1 minute rest between each set - giving me a total of 47 pushups in the workout. I only do this about 3 days in a week

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  • this looks interesting to me. Has it helped with your running?

  • I don't think so !! :)

  • You may not have noticed it in your running....Yet Bazza1234 but its an excellent conditioning program so overall you will be improving, your strength is obviously improving so well done!!

  • Hi @Bazza1234 I did the challenge but, once again, when a challenge is done it tends to take a very far back seat😚. I don't practice them nearly enough. I completed the 5 minute plank challenge, then decided I could probably use those 5 mins elsewhere.

    There is a Push Yourself community on health unlocked - it's not very active but was set up to get us doing more exercises, including the 100 push up challenge.

  • Well done... I've found they make a huge difference to my running as well...

  • That's amazing! I still can't even do 1...I'm on knee push ups :(

  • Whatever you can do - is still of benefit to you! :)

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