I'm still around!!!

Have been away in our motorhome for 3 weeks - and will go to parkrun tomorrow for the first time in 3 weeks. I am actually only home for 2 weeks before we go to Norfolk Island for a week to "celebrate" my 70th birthday. Then I will be back into my training programme. I am basically doing one of Jack Daniels 16 week "Running for Fitness" plans. We are planning on coming to the UK/Europe probably next Spring May/June for around 6 weeks - so not sure how that will impact upon my running activities. I did a HM in August this year and don't know whether to do another next year or maybe even a full marathon. I was going to continue training for the Honolulu marathon in December this year after the HM - but pulled out and told myself that the HM distance was long enough for me. I want to not take it all too seriously - and enjoy it all.

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  • Wow Bazza1234 you are sooo active... and with 'that' birthday coming up in a few weeks too. What a fantastic inspiration you are.😊No doubt you will fit a marathon in at some point and enjoy doing it .

  • Gosh Bazza... well done..as Jan-now-runs says, an inspiration to us young things ( 66).

    Enjoy the special birthday and many more runs and happy returns for then!

  • Sooooo why will coming to Europe/UK impact your running activities Bazza? The weather will be perfect for you to run & of course if you're in the UK I'm sure some of us nutters might be free for a C25K International! That is if you're willing to expose your poor wife to us. 😆

    Happy travels!!

  • It is just that training for HM ( and even more so for full M) literally takes over my/your life!! :) -- and also running HM's and M's here in Australia can only be done during our winter, so, depending on how far south the event is, the training must be completed by maybe late August ( although now that we have been down to Canberra in October) , I can maybe see a way to fit it in a M training programme between say July and end October ( it was freezing in Canberra in October!!) or maybe I could finally do the M in Honolulu in December next year . I abandoned that this year because the August HM took a lot out of me and I couldn't face going further.

  • Wow - as Oldfloss says, what an inspiration!

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