100 pushups??

I have been "investing" some small amounts of cash into my "home gym" -- I mostly do bodyweight exercises - but have got some small pieces of equipment to try to keep up a bit of interest and motivation. When I was younger I could do lots of pushups - but these days they seem to hurt my hands, so I bought for a few dollars these custom-product.com/upload/2... The pushups are still tough - but at least I no longer have any pain in the hands problem

Anyway - I found this hundredpushups.com/ It looks like the pushups version of C25K !! :) 6 weeks to get to 100 pushups !!! - who is in with me??? :)

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  • Cor ! This is brilliant !

    Yes Im in Bazza, thanks for posting this , it looks a really good website ! :-)

    I am rubbish at push ups but am determined to master them ! xxx

  • Maybe if we drop two zeros. I can't do a push up to save my soul. 😕

  • We've been doing push ups in Pilates the last few weeks and I'm rubbish but must say I've stuck to it and can now manage 6! But that's with my knees on the ground so not a proper one! But my arms have ached every day so it's working. I have a weak lower back and wouldn't want to aggravate it with a full push up. I'll ask at the gym today and if they think it would be ok then I'm in. Sounds like fun.

  • I tend to do the knee push ups as well Princess , but would love to be able to master a proper grown up one !

    Its a really good website by the look of it , they even do a 100 lunge and 100 squat challenge too ! :-) xxx

  • I'm pathetic really and have face planted a few times just trying to do one! I'm going to get an instructor to show me the proper technique because I think that's critical. Ooh, do you think we should take before and after piccies? Popeye move over....

  • Ha ha , yes Ive done a few face plants too !

    Before and After pics are a really good idea ! :-) xxx

  • I blame secondary school, maybe they should add it to the national curriculum. Essential skills you can't leave school without.

  • Me too!!

  • wow this looks really good, however I can barely do one I think!! I am going to give it a try as I think the results will be worth it!! Thanks for sharing...

  • The muscles in my arms look like knots in a piece of cotton ha ha :-) xxx

  • Ah ha - push ups! C25k has a lot to answer for ..................

    Once I started running I decided that I wanted to do a OCR, but soon realised my upper body strength was rubbish :( I started first with the Running Bug 30 day core challenge. Didn't quite achieve it as the mountain walkers were so hard as I had no strength in my arms. That said, it made a MASSIVE difference to my core strength. I'd really recommend it. After that, I started doing sit ups (can now do 40 easy but couldn't do one before). And after that I've moved on to push ups. They are ssssssooooo hard! Under hubbies guidance I started with the knee ones and over the course of a month I got up to about 20. I also started lifting some light hand weights. I then moved on to 'proper' half press-ups (i.e. don't go all the way down). I progressed from zero to 5 quite quickly but it has taken a lot of work to get to 10. I can now do 2 full press ups before I collapse in a heap. I'm determined to keep at it. My target is 15 full press ups. Thus, lots of admiration for you Bazza but I might be 72 before I get up to 100 press ups :) :) :)

  • That looks Great! And I have been thinking that I could do with increasing my press-up ability (I think I can manage about 10 will reasonable form).

    Thanks for posting - I'm in!



    Have signed up at: pushupslogger.com/

    Looks like a good way to track the plan.

  • Hi Bazza, I do 100 push ups on my rest days, I do them in blocks of 20 across the day till the full 100 are done for that day.

  • I've tried this a few times and given up each time. I have got to 8 pushups, but I could do lots more only 10 years ago.

    OK I'm in. Starting tonight!

    d1 - 2, 3, 2, 2, 5

  • If we ask nicely, do you think we could have "100-pressup challenge" or "strength building challenge" or something as a pinned post over on the right (it's looking a bit bare over there for me at the moment)?

    Would be great to have that pinned so that we can come back and report progress. Since this is a "beyond 5k" board, it makes sense for some of the topics to relate to additional fitness aspects - a strong core is important for running after all.


  • I have put up a pinned post now. Great idea.

  • Don't forget to do the "trial" first - before deciding which programme is suitable for you. I am off to parkrun shortly - so I will do my "trial" tonight.

  • Yes, Im going to do my trial over the weekend. This looks really good !

    Enjoy your parkrun ! :-) xxx

  • OK - that's my initial test done. I managed 16, which I was reasonably happy with.

    I think Sat, Mon and Thurs will have to be my pressup days so I guess I'm starting Week1 Day1 tomorrow!

  • Well done Ugi , that's an impressive start ! Xxx

  • Thanks! I was slightly surprised - I don't think I've ever attempted more than 10. It puts me in column 3, which looks pretty daunting - 45 p'ups on Day 1, but who knows - maybe it's possible!

    Good luck with yours!

  • By doing sets with a rest break in between, you will be surprised how many you can do

  • Thanks ! I'm doing my trial tomorrow - eeek ! :-) xxxx

  • OK - so I have done my trial - I managed 7! -- full pushups , but using my handgrip thingies!

  • OK, I'm in! I need a challenge to get me doing anything at the moment.

    I'm one of the (many) people who can't do a single proper pushup. I've just done a trial and found that I can do 6 with a table (hip height) but not a single one with a chair (knee height). So I think I'll do week 1 with the table and then see if next week I can do it with a chair, and then seen if I can progress to knees. I'll see how that goes. I might stick with that, or might go for full pushups once I'm really confident (ha ha, hark who's talking!).

    Great idea, thanks Bazza. If you don't get a pinned post, could you try to post something each week so we can check in with our progress? Thanks!

    Oh and I've just done the initial lunges test and am delighted to be able to report that this is significantly better and I can start in column 3 of week 1 :)

  • You ladies all realise that this will give you bulging biceps like Popeye!! ?? :)

  • Yes - that in the wrists! :) Not sure what you mean by ankles crossed when doing the knee method. My understanding is just to kneel down with feet straight out the back


    EDIT - I have now seen some images with ankles crossed - Foooey!!!!!

  • Just completed that one and now working on the 200 situps!

  • Well done!

    That's very interesting - how did the p'up one go? Where did you start and did you make it to 100 in 6 weeks?

    I'm quite pleased with my first day but some of the workouts from week 4 onward look brutal!


  • Yep managed the 100 pushups after week 6. Very hard. I think back when I started I managed 38 as the original test I now repeat week 6 regularly with some variations, like putting my feet on raised furniture and widening my hands to vary the pushup. but still do them, I alternate Mon, Wed, Fri pushups and Tues, Thurs, Sat situps. The workouts after week 4 are pretty hard I only just squeezed in the 100 on the final test.

  • Thanks for the response.

    If you started on 38 and only just made 100 then I suspect I will be repeating a few weeks, but not to worry - that's still significant progress. And if I can level out able to maintain week 6 then that would be excellent.

  • Right - that's W1D1 done! I should probably have waited 24 hours after my initial test yesterday but the free time in my day today was this morning.

    Bazza was right: Broken down into sets, 45 was not too bad and in fact I managed 12 in the final set, which was 3 more than the minimum suggested.

    Roll on Monday.


  • Thanks Bazza. That's me in. Seems like a good plan and I do need to build on my core strength so thanks a lot for sharing this.

  • So I'm in and I'll start tomorrow - no need to do the test - I can hardly manage 1 :)

    Can do a few more with my knees down, maybe 4?

  • Looks good Bazza. sounds like fun..

  • Hi, I'm going to start up a custom community for this, would anyone be interested in that?

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