C25k up to 10k week 4...... go!

Welcome everybody to the fourth week of C25K up to 10.

How are you all getting on? After this week only 2 left... well done everybody for sticking to this or whatever programme you are following.

Just to re- iterate - The programme will last for 6 weeks, and on week 6 you will finish with a 10k run... hooray!!! There will be a certificate at the end that you can print off and Keep.

My vid is very short this week as I had a #beardyman appear in the woods walking towards me!!!

So this weeks runs:

4k or you could swop this for the speed podcast or intervals.



This week think about hydration and here is a useful article which has some tips from the masters about hydration and other things too...






















































Good luck everyone and lets support one another here....



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  • Well, I have managed three 5k runs over the last week or so, which makes me feel I am back to normal now.

    I notice that run 2 always seems to be 5k so it would seem to make sense to make that the parkrun.

    So I start on Wednesday or Thursday with week one, lagging behind but what's the rush? I have no deadline in mind.

  • sounds good to me, and yes I think a consistent 5k for parkrun sets you up as a runner for life!!

  • Hi Sue, I'm lagging behind too so I will keep you company - mine is due to lurgy last week though. I do parkrun most Saturdays and like your idea of that as the 5k run so my week this week will start on Thursday!

  • Excellent , CarolStr .

    It will be good to have a virtual running buddy again. It was OldPossum for the C25K.

  • Thanks juju. You take care out there on the trails!

    I've done my 5k this week, I will stick with my shorter run being intervals of some sort.......did Speed podcast this past week......eeek I needed a couple of short walks as even the slowest pace for Laura is faster than I usually run!

    I am aiming for 8 k probably on Friday, but I will use my Parkrun route by the lake and through the woodsπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³πŸŒ³

    I am feeling so much more positive about my planned 10k now........ I CAN do this ! However, I am sticking with post run stretches and roller, plus I'm now doing yoga couple of times a week.......I want to stay off the IC, all good! πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘ŸπŸŒŸ

  • Still going with stretching out my time! I managed a shorter run with my daughter, which was mostly on trails, a 30 minute and a 42 minute run. I am pretty sure I will be able to do the hour run in a few weeks, but the distance won't be anything like 10K. But I am in no rush (obviously) and I am enjoying my running. I'm not sure how I will cope this week as my phone has protested at being dropped one time too many and is refusing to play through my headphones. So I won't have a podcast to distract me! Should be interesting.

  • That man probably thought "I've heard of selfies, but talking to yourself?!"

    Great article - thanks.

    I did my 8k today and loved it! I enjoyed it so much more than the 7k last week, I think it was because the gremlins gave me peace and just let me get on with it. I had decided not to even think about pace, just run at whatever gear worked today. And surprise surprise I ran faster consistently the whole way through, much closer to my 5k speed. Funny what happens when the gremlins don't show up.

  • I am probably going to do two runs this week, I have missed today's run as my lumber back is still stiff after jarring it off a kerb Thursday but running Saturday and Sunday. So I have an 8k planned and a 5k. We will see if I fit in the 4k as well or not. I did go shopping for boulder holders and admired lots of lovely running kit today......does that count lol!

  • It always counts!

  • Well, I am still on IC since my 'accident' with the minibus door and a lurgy after that! Did try a little jog but was more of a shuffle and my coccyx still hurts at times. Work has been busy too, so all in all feeling a bit glum :(

  • Monday nights are usually my longer run nights but feeling a bit under the weather so limited myself to a slow and steady 5k. Will hopefully get the 8k done on Wednesday. Even though I managed 7.5k last week, I am feeling strangely nervous about the thought of running my first ever 8k....even after a year of running, I still can't quite believe I'm actually capable of doing it! When does the feeling of being a running imposter disappear?!

  • I don't know but let me know when you find out!

  • After struggling with shorter runs earlier in the week I managed 8.5k on Sunday! I think the mild weather helped - was really struggling running in the freezing cold and worryingly wasn't enjoying my runs at all, however my Sunday run changed all that and feel I'm back on it! So a nice steady 4K today I think then 5k Thursday and aiming for 9k at the weekend. Nearly there!

  • Manged a nice 8. 5km run tonight in 1 hour, quite pleased with that. I did have to force myself out the door though, one of those days

  • Did things the odd way around! 5K,then 8K (still got the 4K to do). Used a route for the 8K that I'd last used during C25K ,went further - and with hills! 35mins - I really thought I was slow! Emosh and proud :)

  • 8k in 35 minutes is impressive. Well done you! "Emosh" is the only appropriate feeling after that I'd say. :)

  • I've done two of my three Week 4 runs. I hope to do the third one tomorrow. Usually I do parkrun on a Saturday but I'm on the volunteer roster so that works out perfectly. I still get to enjoy the parkrun buzz without using up all the energy I'll need for Week 4 Run 3 later in the day! And then I'm going to a Haggis 'n' Hula party in the evening, as you do. :)

  • I wonder if #beardyman is right now on a forum (birdwatching or tree-hugging or peeping-tomming or something) saying, "Well I was going to.... but there was this nutty woman there..."

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